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Remove Obstacles to Sell a Home and Bring Prosperity

Divination for inspiration: Open any book to random page, read line 7 for the correspondence
Moon Phase: Full to three days waning
Best Day: Saturday
Planet Hour: Jupiter, 2:00PM day or 9:00PM night
Things you will need:

  • ½ cup table salt
  • Tablespoon Rosemary Herb
  • 2 Pearls from any dweller of this home, or the owner
  • Small amount of corn oil
  • 1 small white candle
  • 1 cup of common sand

Light your candle before you begin. You can say a brief prayer at this time. It can be anything, a blessing for your success and your family is appropriate.
Perform this blessing in the home you plan to sell.

Spread a thin even layer of salt mixed with Rosemary over a table top so that the pile is about 6 inches in diameter and no more than ¼ inch thick. Use powdered Cinnamon incense inside a fire-proof bowl. You can use powdered Cinnamon, sprinkle it over a charcoal disk that is already smoldering hot. The incense will be pungent and sweet.

Recite the following incantation:

Wood, Stone and All of this home,
Draw another to make you his own.

Stormy days are come and gone,
Sun shines each day from now on.

Ties that bind are now and ever unbound,
For soon a new homeowner is found .

Memories of this house pass from sight,
All attachment moves from left to right.

Papers signed and money passes hand,
These changes occur with a footprint on sand.

As you draw the above pictured symbol in the salt with your right index finger. Drop 2 Pearls that are whetted with Corn oil onto the salt pile as you meditate on your present need. Abundantia, Goddess of prosperity, an aspect of the universal spirit of Nature, will support your ritual if you make your request in your own words. Do this now.

Goddess, I ask that you bless this home and my family, assist in this request to prepare and promote the sale of this home. Bring prosperity into our lives, so that we can move forward and put behind us the uncertainty.

Set out an offering of Red wine for any friendly spirits in this home who may participate and assist in your working. Finally, gather the salt back up and cast it to the south side of the house, pour the remainder of wine in the farthest corner of the property.

When a potential buyer is scheduled to come to the home, sprinkle some sand where you expect them to walk before reaching the door to inspect the house.

Their footprint will ensure the quick and satisfactory sale of the house.


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