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Eclipse: Moon & Prenumbrel; Solar

Rare U.S. total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse August 16, 2017 

All Eclipses in 2017

You’ll want to prepare to see the total Solar Eclipse the morning of August 21st this year.
It will be total across North America, not seen since 1977, and not again until 2060.
This is a rare event, especially considering the path across our continent, a must see.
Magick is always found with a Solar event, there is strength and masculinity in it.

Review times on this chart for where to be and when this eclipse “starts” at each location.

Image result for 2017 total eclipse map image

Lunar Eclipse in August 2017. This Moon phase will be partial, aka Penumbral eclipse.

Image result for lunar 2017 penumbral eclipse map image

August 16th is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Looking to do some Moon Magick or Full Moon spells? This is a preferred time for magical work. October Moon is also known as the “Corn Moon”.

Related image

The Penumbral Lunar eclipse involves only a slight dimming as it orbits the earth and goes through earth’s shadow. For many viewers, it will have a rosy pink to red coloration where the eclipse is more complete.

This will happen early morning August 16th for North America, with the east coast having a better view even though not fully eclipsed. West coast dwellers will view a slight darkening of about a quarter of the moon.

In Aries, the emotional moment is “ME-ME-ME’! If you plan to create some moon magick, you will be highly motivated to obtain something for yourself. It’s a great time to do that as your strengths will be about what you want, and now is the time to make it happen.

Try some magical oil recipes for attraction, to find a new love, to sell your home, or to promote fertility. It’s all about “you” under this moon at this time! Now until 2 days past full is best for your full moon magical workings.

Blessed be~


Special note: an unusual event occurred last year in October. See below.

Image of the Full Eclipsed Penumbral Blood Moon of Oct. 18th, 2016. A rare FULL Hunter’s Moon as it appeared at locations in the “Full Eclipse” category of the chart

Blood & Hunters Moon 10-18-13

2016 Full Penumbral Blood Moon for viewers in the Full Eclipse path.



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