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What is Pagan?

PAGAN ~ What is Pagan and Who is Pagan?

The term Pagan is a Christian word that summarizes all non-Abrahmic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam).

Neo-pagan describes the worldwide diversity of new religious movements and those who practice ancient religions.

Spiritual beliefs and practices vary widely, even within fundamental traditions and cultures. Many pagans believe that there is a single Divinity, a life force of the universe that can be described as a universal omnipresent spiritual existence. Under the One God aspect, there are often lesser aspects, or supporting Divinities. Pagan spiritual beliefs may draw from old religious traditions, and sometimes are adapted to better suit modern lifestyles.

Some groups see the Divine as altogether feminine, and call her the “Goddess”. Goddess worshipers believe the Goddess is the “Mother of all”, including matter. Other pagan beliefs assume a polytheistic Divinity. For some Druids and High Magicians there is an overall Divinity but other gods are recognized for their earthly power and purpose.

Traditional beliefs, Wicca for example, consist of both male and female Deities. Wiccans believe the Divine is personified in two bodies, Goddess and God, with many lesser Deities or elements that demonstrate specific aspects in their nature. The Goddess is considered to be the awareness of all that is physical. Where the Goddess is the stable material element, the God is the awareness that represents space and the gravitational motion of time. Material existence without time is inert, and time without matter could not exist.

“Time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter”. (Albert Einstein) …was Al a pagan?



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