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Enchanted Spell Boxes

Spell Boxes - Witchcrafted Enchanted Designs
Spell Boxes – Unique Hand Made for Spell notions:

Click images for more details.

Boxes are lined with padding in Lumenesque Satin or matching felt; option to include a spell (see below)

  $15  Heart Box: Silver  “Love Enchantment” medallion  (one available)
  $15  Rectangle or Oval 4″ Boxes: Only one each Oval style available.
Rectangle boxes: Choose symbol & colors; stained wood finish or black lacquered finish.
  $25  Square 8″ Celestial Stained Glass Box, padded lining

The smaller enchanted boxes can be used for containing your spells, talismans or amulets, or magical jewelry. The larger box holds Tarot decks, or a combination of spell items. Can be used as an alter box with your candles, 6″ Athame, and incense and herbs, to keep them tucked away until needed. My boxes are hand stained, painted, and designed individually, so each is a unique work of art for display.

 $10  Optional: Contents for One of any Spell (describe your need)

When purchasing please choose a symbol and 2 main colors:
Pentagram; Triple Moon; Triquettra; Eye of Horus; Ankh; Star of David; or “Sigil” to match your Spell.

All  boxes with one spell include a corresponding candle, a talisman, a parchment spell of your choice, and a small bottle of appropriate magical oil to anoint your candle and yourself, plus a package of incense to burn with your incantation. Spell includes full directions for best success, plus your personal sigil.
Spell Boxes - Witchcrafted Enchanted Designs

Spell Boxes - Witchcrafted Enchanted Designs

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