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Powder Enchantment Potions A – G

Sprinkling powder potion recipes to use for obtaining what you want:

You can use any magick spell consistent with your intent, to finish a charmed powder

Grind dry ingredients into a powder when using whole herbs, dried petals, or resins. A marble mortar & pestle works best to both grind and then incorporate the drops of liquid by grinding it into your powder. Keep the finished sprinkling potion in a sealed container, I like to use 1 oz plastic or glass bead vials. Be sure to label the container and then keep it in a darkened area, like a cabinet.

Many of the oils in these recipes have good preservation properties, so you can usually keep powders for several months up to a year when well sealed. I sometimes refrigerate my larger batches to keep them fresh longer. Refrigerate when you find a particular powder that you want to keep well stocked.

For most sprinkling powders, use only a small amount – one or two pinches are all you will need.

ALGIERS POWDER ~ to attract love use a tiny amount on yourself.

3 drops Vanilla Oil

2 drops Patchouli Oil

1/4 oz Orris Root

ALGIERS FAST LUCK POWDER ~ To attract luck in a hurry.
For luck in gambling, dust the hands before going out to play.

4 drops Wintergreen Oil (check for skin sensitivity)

2 tsp Patchouli Herb

2 tsp Cinnamon (crush fresh stick for potency)

ASTRAL TRAVEL POWDER ~ to assist your attempts at astral projection.
Sprinkle on the bed sheets before sleeping.

1/2 tsp Mugwort herb

1/2 tsp Cinnamon

1 tsp Sandalwood

BEND OVER POWDER ~ To send evil back to the sender, break hexes
and influence others to do your bidding. (remember the three-fold law)

1 part Rose (dried white petals)

1 part Frankincense resin

1 part Vetivert herb

2 parts Honeysuckle herb

BLESSINGS POWDER ~ Use for sacred spaces or for spiritual cleansing.
Can be mixed 1 in 10 parts water and sprayed.

1 tsp Lavender

1 tsp Silver Magnetic Powder

2 drops Ylang Ylang oil

2 drops Musk oil

CONFUSION POWDER ~ When you want someone to get out of your business.
Sprinkle on the doorstep or paths where the person will walk.

2 tsp Coconut flakes

2 tsp Lavender

2 tsp Violet

1 tbsp Black Pepper

2 tbsp Ginseng tea leaves

DELIGHT POWDER ~ Overcome inhibitions and
increase pleasure when sprinkled on your lover.

1/2 tsp Sandalwood

1 tsp Rose dried red petals

 3 drops Melon Oil

DRAWING POWDER ~ Attract good luck and spiritual assistance
when performing magical work. Sprinkle on altar. A good item to stock.

1 part Jasmine

1 part Violet

2 parts Lavender

EASY WRATH POWDER ~ Eliminate hatred and anger in
those who oppose you. You sprinkle it on them or their shoes.

1/2 tsp Ashes (white ash from burned hardwood)

1/2 tsp Red Pepper flakes

1 tsp Rose (dried yellow petals)

1 tsp Sandalwood

6 drops Jasmine

ENVY & JEALOUSY POWDER ~ Intended to eliminate feelings of jealousy
in people you want to get along with.
Sprinkle on their doorstep, in there path, on clothing.

1 part Bayberry

1 part Vetivert

1 part Sassafras

2 parts Arrowroot

EXORCISM POWDER ~ Exorcise negativity
from any area and protect it’s inhabitants.

1 part Basil

2 parts Frankincense

2 parts Rosemary

2 parts Yarrow

3 parts Rue

FRENCH PSYCHISM POWDER ~ Increase psychic powers to produce prophetic dreams.
Sprinkle on your sheets, on your tarot cards or rune stones, or dust some on yourself.

2 drops Musk oil

2 drops Ambergris Oil

1/8 oz Orris Root

1/4 oz Vetivert herb

GAMBLING POWDER ~ For lncrease in Luck and Winning Big.
Dust on hands just before taking a gamble, each time.

1/2 oz Sandalwood

1/2 tsp Carnation petals (dried and powdered)

1/2 tsp Cinnamon

1/4 dram frankincense oil

1/4 dram Myrrh oil

2 oz Cornstarch or Rice Flour

GET AWAY POWDER ~  Sprinkle in the path of who you want to stop bothering you.
Sprinkle it on  window sills and porch to repel nosey neighbors and undesirable animals.

1/2 oz Sulfur

1/2 oz Chili Powder

Pinch of Asafotida

GO AWAY POWDER ~ Another version to block the unwanted from your space.

1 part Red Pepper

1 part Black Pepper

1 part Patchouli

1 part Ginger

1 part John The Conqueror



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