Creating Infused Oils & Proper Preservation

Options for the best results in creating Magical Oils. Carrier oils are listed at bottom of page. 

Also see extensive collection of: Magick Oil Recipes

Option 1:
For your best success, use fresh organic herbs so that chemical preservatives and pesticides on commercial plants are never included in your mixture. You may need to wild harvest, buy from a local organic seller, or grow your own herb garden. Forest herbs are wonderful, also- wild flowers in untended locations can usually be used. Herb gardens are easy, inexpensive, and require minimal attention. You can even grow your favorites in a window box to start with. Note: find a friend who has sage herb, tradition for sage is to be grown by another.

Please don’t take the time to grow your own herbs just to use them in a common vegetable oil that has preservatives, growth chemicals and pesticides. Choose the oil that most suits your use. Organic olive oil might be costly but is worth the extra expense it you are looking for something easy to find. You may want to make your own oil base after trying these oil making options. Check out a couple health food stores to try the recommended carrier oils.

Next, harvest, or gather and prepare your herbs. Herbs should be diced finely to allow maximum absorption in your carrier oil. Powdered herbs work best, since you can add them directly to the oil base for a quicker result and stronger end product. If you decide to dice, you can tie the herbs in cheese cloth, which is then placed directly in the oil. For fresh herbs 2/3 parts oil to 1/3 herb is recommended. Dried herbs will require a larger amount of oil, about 80% oil mixture will work fine.

Now you need to extract the medicinal essence from the herbs. Heating the mixture to around 100 to 115 degrees for about 2 weeks. Some people place their jars in a sunny window, or outside where there is more exposure. You can check your oil every few days until you achieve the desired result. Your sense of smell is the best measure. Powdered herbs need to steep 7-14 days, diced herb take 2 or more weeks, depending on the strength you want to achieve.

The next step is extracting the oil from the herbs. You can twist the cheesecloth to strain the liquid into another jar, pour off the remaining oil, and let it all settle. After a day or two pour off the oil again to eliminate pieces of herbs and any liquid that surfaces. Your finished oil is ready to use, or store in tightly capped dark jars or bottles, or potion vials.

Note: a couple drops of Benzoin oil is an excellent natural preservative for oils with low antioxidants.

Option 2:
Choose a carrier oil (I prefer the overall qualities of Hazelnut & Sweet Almond), and fresh or dried herbs or flowers. Have one or more small Jars with tight fitting lids handy, to hold the mixture.

Place the base oil (whatever oil you have decided to use) and herbs in clear jars, tightly cap. Store in a dark cool place. Once a week for 2 weeks, vigorously shake the mixture in the jars. In the third week, use cheesecloth to strain the mixture. Add more herbs and oil if necessary and allow to sit for another 2 weeks. When you have the scent that you want, strain the herbs out again and use your finished oil or store in a dark cool place. I like to fill 1/2 oz potion bottles with tight fitting corks and label them.

Option 3:
Pour your carrier oil into your mortar, add diced, crushed, or powdered herbs a little at a time, pressing into the oil with your pestle. When the mixture looks well blended, pour it into a bottle. Store the bottle in a dark, place for three days. On the fourth day smell your oil to see if it has absorbed enough of the herbal scents. When it smells right for you it is ready to use in your spell work. Or, add more herbs and repeat the process until your oil is as strong as you desire.

CARRIER OILS (base oils) Choices and Characteristics

Approximate Measurements for mixing recipies

1 drop = 0.05 m
1 ml = 20 drops
1 teaspoon = 5 ml
1 teaspoon = 100 drops
1 tablespoon = 15 ml
1 tablespoon = 300 drops
1 ounce = 30 ml
1 ounce = 600 drops

Base oils are used as “carriers” for essential oils, and to dilute essential oils because they may be too strong to apply safely to skin. Possible carrier oils include:

Apricot Kernel oil: This light yellow oil provides a fine texture, is rich in vitamins and minerals, and a popular choice.  The fruit of the Apricot tree is closely associated with happiness, love and romance. This extends to the magical properties of the fruit’s kernal oil.

Castor oil: A thick, sticky oil with a strong odor. It has good lubricating properties.

Coconut oil: A light colored oil that turns solid in cooler room temperatures. A fractionated version is exceptionally light and will not become rancid making it a versatile carrier oil, though not often used.

Grapeseed oil: This oil has a very fine texture, with a distinct fragrance. It has a greenish hue. The oil provides vitamins and minerals, and is an antioxidant that will extend the life of other oils. Very popular oil that is easy to find locally.

Hazelnut oil: This oil is medium-light, and absorbs very well. It has a nice texture and a light and subtle fragrance that doesn’t contrast greatly with the wonderful fragrances of natural herbs. My favorite choice for annointing and body oils.

  • The Hazel is the Goddess tree, and is prized for shepherds hooks, sometimes used by Shamen. Oil properties are valuable for protection and spiritual enlightenment.

Jojoba oil: The properties are similar to liquid wax, much different than vegetable oil. It is an antioxidant and does not turn rancid. Popular oil for massage, it remains heavy on skin surface.

  • The Jojoba is a magical tree used by Native Americans for hundreds of years, long before European people came to the Americas. It has health properties and can promote healing, the seeds and beans for oil will enhance healing works.

Olive oil: Extra-Extra virgin, cold pressed is the best quality. Olive oil is very rich in vitamins, protein, and mineral content. It has a distinctive, somewhat pervasive odor, but works well.

  • Magical properties of the Olive tree are many, this tree can live for thousands of years, so properties of the oil are linked to longevity and health workings. This oil will work to enhance any positive magical purpose.

Sunflower Seed oil: This is a nice lightly textured golden yellow carrier. Good essential fatty acids and vitamins, fair quality, low fragrance and slow absorption. Sunflowers worship the Sun, following it throughout the daylight hours to absorb and convert energy.

  • This amazing plant has magical properties to impart strength and perseverance, and can be used in workings to promote fertility.

Sweet Almond oil: A Pale golden oil with glyceride, linoleic and olein acid. This is a very fine skin lubricant, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Another popular medium-light oil, my second favorite for all general use.

Wheat Germ oil: An orange colored oil that is heavy and sticky. Very rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and vitamin E. It is used mixed with other carriers oil for it’s antioxidant properties that prevent degradation and extend shelf life.

Measuring guide for planning and preparing your oil recipes: Click image for full size

Vial size guide: 1ml= 20 drops to 1/2 oz= 300 drops

Keep your oils is a cabinet or darkened shelf area to prevent clouding and maintain freshness.



2 comments on “Creating Infused Oils & Proper Preservation

  1. This information is invaluable on so many levels…for people of so many different walks of life! My only wish would be that someone could provide some information on carrier/vegetable oil magickal properties. Do you know where I might find such information, or how to go about figuring something like that out for oneself (I am rather new to practicing magick as opposed to simply studying it)? Thanks again for taking the time to share such a priceless resource with the rest of us.

    • Hi Tess, I will take some time to assemble a little more about carrier oil properties and post it for you. Thanks for your kind words and for visiting my site. Blessed be~

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