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Super Moon in Perigee: June 22, 2013

Perigee Moon occurs on Beltane Sabbat, Cross-Quarter Celebrations. See next two posts.

The Full Moon will be 14% larger than normal during this perigee. It is only about 2% closer to the Earth, but the pull does have some effect. Tides will only increase 2 to 6 inches, but that is over the entire Earth.

Lunacy, it is tied to the Moon and its supposed to describe effects on animal nature. An old term that really has no truth, but is still recognized in various cultures, including the western world. The Moon is the Earth’s lifeblood, without it we would not exist.

Full moon magick is a powerful time, you will feel the pull of the moon in your body. Living things like your herbs will draw their essence into the plant above ground in response to this pull. The ocean is influenced by the moon, so are our bodies and the bodies of all living things, as is the Earth herself. Best spells to perform at this time are:

  • Prosperity, building wealth, investing
  • Luck and Gambling
  • Success in job interviews
  • Selling a home or business
  • Moving to a new location
  • Rekindle of lost or past love
  • Successful pregnancy
I believe this is a particularly wonderful time to introduce someone to your Spiritual beliefs, to ask someone to join you in a Sabbat celebration or just to shadow a ritual with you. The Moon is an Icon and a very familiar sight, so it is an easy subject to discuss and use to introduce your ideas.

The powerful draw of the moon phases are used to do different kinds of magick. Waxing and Waning triggers earthly change in all things, so we also use this timing to our advantage. Roots are stronger when the moon is set as their essence resides most deeply in the earth at this time. Flowering and leafy plants draw the moisture of their essence into the upper plant as the moon influence increases with its rise. Again, the same as the tides of the ocean are stronger and weaker due to influence of the moon.

This weekend we have a “Super Moon” at perigee, which is when the moon comes closest to the Earth. Now is one of the best times to evoke magick and call on the Goddess to bless spellwork of any kind. There was a Dark Super Moon in 2008, another event that can be a boon to spellwork, but that is in the future.

Many people thought the perigee Super Moon of 2011 was one of the triggers for the Tsunami in Japan on the 13th. Our Earth Mother has other reasons for her reactions, this may have contributed to the strength, but was not the underlying cause. Scientific studies prove this event did cause stronger tides, an obvious conclusion, but natural disasters have a diversity of triggers that we cannot predict.

Nature is an amazing enigma. We are learning more about how the moon affects us individually, and we can use that knowledge to gain a power over the things we want.

Blessed be~


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