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Goodbye My Best Friend and Loving Companion

Damien, the sweetest most loving little furbaby. He was always the happiest little fella. The most loving little companion anyone ever had. He gave me unconditional love and undivided attention, always by my side every day. It didn’t matter if I was gone 5 minutes or 5 hours, he greeted me like I had been gone forever, and lavished love and attention the whole of my days with him.

He left quickly, without a sign that he was leaving. He came to me and gave me the most lovable eyes, he knew something was wrong but there was no way to tell me in time. He was gone in minutes, we think his trachea collapsed, we couldn’t even get help for him in time. It was simply too late and likely nothing we could do to save him. I wish I could have kept him forever, he was that precious. But nothing is ours to keep and we all lose loved ones. It hurts like nothing else. I grieve, and I will until I find him again, he was and is my best friend forever.

I want to wish him well where he is now, his light on earth did not shine for long,
but it was a beacon to me. Dami gave me the happiest days of my life.

My little darling Dami, you will be with me in my heart forever, I miss you like nothing else in this world. Goodbye my loving little pal, I will meet you again at the Rainbow Bridge, and I look forward to that day.


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