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Charmed Tarot Oil For Divination

Use this charmed potion oil as incense in a Thurber or diffuser. Try adding some to incense cone recipes, or a drop on the back of your hands to enhance divination. Used for all magical workings with a Crystal Ball, for Scrying, Astral Projection, and Dream Journaling.

This recipe takes four or more weeks to prepare, but is well worth the effort. You will create about ten half ounce bottles of potion oil that you can use to charm your Tarot Card Readings, or any form of Divination you practice.

1/8 oz Orris Root
2 Rosebuds or  13 large Petals – White
¼ oz Wormwood Herb (Artemisia)
¼ oz Bloodwort  Herb (Yarrow)

2 dram Frankincense Oil
2 dram Pomegranate Oil

4 oz of Sweet Almond oil

Crystal chips are added after Tarot Oil is decanted
10 tiny  Hematite chips
10 tiny Moonstone chips

1 Cheesecloth double folded,  cut a 12 x 12 square
8” string (kite string works well)

8oz (or larger) Wide mouth jar with tight stopper or cap
Ten ½ oz vials or potion bottles with corks or seals

Separate Rosebud leaves, discard hip and stem parts.
Allow young petals to dry completely, 3-4 days

Crush dried Orris root and grind into powder, do the
same with Wormwood and Bloodwort herbs.

Add finely crushed ingredients together and blend well.
Pour powdered herbs in center of cheesecloth, take up corners
of the cloth to form a bag. Tie cloth tightly with string, leaving
as much length as possible in the bag so contents remain loose.
Bag must fit into mouth of jar or bottle.

Pour the Almond oil into the jar, add the essential oils.
Stir the oil well to blend, then tuck the bag of herbs into
the mouth of the jar, leaving only the string outside the jar.
Seal the jar well, so that it does not leak.

Shake the jar vigorously, and again a couple times daily
for two weeks. Store the jar in a cool dark place.

After two weeks open the jar to smell contents. If the strength
is less than your prefer, store the jar for another two weeks and
check the potency again. When your believe the strength is
to your liking, place the jar on a couple paper towels, and with
clean hands, remove the bag and squeeze as much oil out of it
back into the jar as you can. You may twist the bag a few times
to wring out a bit more of the essence of your herbs. (Use the
bag of herbs for a bath. Pour 2 cups of boiling water over the bag
and let it steep in a bowl while it cools.  Then add this to your
bath to relax before a ritual or when you plan a reading).

Re-seal the jar and return it to the shelf for one or two days.
Allow the jar to remain undisturbed so that fine herb debris
can settle to the bottom of the jar.

Decant the pure oil from the jar into small cork bottles for storage.
Your can pour as much as possible until the herb debris surfaces,
then use a single layer of cheesecloth to filter the last of the oil
into another container, and pour the remainder off into your vials.

To finish, place one chip of Hematite and Moonstone into each potion
bottle. You  should have about 10 vials. Seal or cork your Tarot oil.
Label the content before you store your potion bottles.

Use a drop of the Tarot oil rubbed on the top of your hands before reading
the Tarot or performing any Divination with Ouija, talking board or scrying.
Use 10 to 20 drops for a bath to increase psyche and enhance Dream work.



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