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Full Moon Ritual – June 23rd 2013

Full Moon ritual for Strong Summer Moon

If you are in tune with the moon, this is a time of beauty and for performing works of magick! Just a couple days past the Summer Solstice, the power of the Full Moon rises to the occasion.
The Summer is now upon us, many are harvesting herbs to replenish supplies.

Be thankful by performing this lovely full moon ritual during the third week of June.

Blue is the candle to acknowledge the July Full Moon of Mead,
I light the flame of appreciation for the Goddess of fertile seed.
I invoke the Westerly spirits to join me for this ritual.
This is the warm and lush moon of Summertime,
the moon of fulfillment and crops that are prime,
where we are blessed with abundance, and relaxed time.

The Summer Moon is the culmination of Spring sown love,
the relevant Moon of promises from the Goddess above.
Undines of the West, the most lovely water elemental,
I call out to these powerful elements who are so gentle,
to fully embrace my workings this empowered night,
as I conduct this ritual in the spirit of your light.

Your participation is a blessing and I am honored in your presence.

The circle is now cast, and the sacred space is complete.
This place is between the worlds, outside of time as we know it.
Only unconditional love and trust may enter this sacred space,
and only that which is pure love and trust will depart.
Powers of the Moon, the Elements, and Elemental Spirits
I hereby consecrate this space to perform my magical workings.

Now is the time for your planned ritual or spell workings.

You can use Tarot to divine the near future, use the Tarot Oil recipe for enchanting your hands and cards.Your Crystals or scrying mirror are enhanced at this time for performing divination.

If you have incense, light it and follow your plans for any consecration, any blessing, or spellwork to bring about positive workings.

It is a good time to confirm a bonding, all Love Spells are blessed. If you have mental issues, or want to bless someone who is suffering, now is a good time. Change for the better can be initiated during this time, so you can invoke anything you want to come give strength and success. Be sure to ask the water spirits to bless your request. Money gained by hard work or investment can be increased with a blessing. Reaffirm your friendships, resolve any disputes amicably. All relationships can be blessed and expanded using this full moon in your magick circle.

I thank the elements of the Full Moon
for your participation in this spiritual ritual.
I honor the Undines of the West,
the Spirits of Water for their presence,
and for embracing this time honored blessing
that for everything there is a place and need,
a time for every purpose under the moon.

The circle is now closed, and my work is done.

So Mote It Be.


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