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Elemental Oil Recipes


Oil Potions for Rituals, Spellwork, and to anoint Candles, Charms and Talismans

Base= 1 oz of either Sweet Almond or Hazelnut oil
Part= 1 drop @ essential oil (not fragrance oil)
* include a pinch of dried plant, resin, or powder if available- as enhancement

Grounding, Prosperity, Protection and Defense: Uses
– spellwork to re-align your spiritual and psychic powers
– to attract good fortune, success, and financial gain
– defensive magic to dispel negative influence, exorcism

    4 parts Myyrh
    1 part Patchouli
    1 part Vetivert
    6 parts *Rose

Communication and Solutions, Learning, Visual Ideas: Uses
– divination spells to discern truth and gain understanding
– as warming oil, clarify and enhance mental powers for study
– enhance creativity and mental clarity; opens power of 3rd eye

    6 parts Lavender
    2 parts Sandalwood
    1 part *Rosemary

Power, Courage, Faith, Honor, Passion, Confidence: Uses
– defensive magick, enhance power spells, charms and talismans
– spellwork for success, encouragement, keenness and trust
– discernment in relationships, affection, fascination and obsession

    4 parts Orange
    1 part Clove
    2 parts *Frankincense

Dreams, Psychic Ability, Sensuality, Intensify Emotions: Uses
– retain clarity and manifest dream experiences; dream divination
– enhance spiritual attraction, intensify psychic experience
– increase attraction, inflame lust, intensify mutual sexual passion

    1 part Bergamot
    1 part Jasmine
    1 part *Myrrh

Remember to visualize your intent while blending your ingredients. You can also speak a charm to enhance magical properties of your recipe. Enchanting your oil and herbs will impart your personal power into the mix. Small amounts of these oils are very effective. Both fragrance and magic are quite strong when properly prepared.

Note: You can learn how to create your own oils from herbs, roots and barks, and find directions for oil blending from in my further topics on “how to”. There are many other recipes for specific magical intent. Use only natural oils for these recipes. Never use artificial ingredients or your results will be ineffective. These recipes are wonderful when used in making incense or as warming oil. You can anoint your body or use them in bath preparations, unless you have a sensitivity to any of the ingredients.



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