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Love Drawing Magick

Love & Romance Drawing Magick Bracelet“Love & Romance Drawing Magick Bracelet” hand crafted: $45

Swarovski Pink Crystals, Hand Blown Crystals Balls with tiny Pink Roses, Peridot Green Charms, Tiger blades, bone beads, a magical Love Charmed theme. 9″  chain

Color Theme choice:  Pink & Black with Peridot; Pink & Bronze with Aquamarine

Love is elusive, and romantic love even more so. Wear this to entangle your destined match. The charms enhance your romantic nature and will draw love your direction.

Love & Romance Drawing Magick Bracelet

Custom Creations by “MagickWyrd”

Design your own Magick Bracelet, Pendant, or Ear Rings. Simply provide an image you want on the charms, any high quality picture of at least 400×400 pixels, any subject or topic, all colors. Low prices for Custom Fine Jewelry and Pandora Bracelets, $40 – $200 depending on how much silver or Swarovski crystal you prefer. Custom sizes & themes or styles.
————————————————————–Thanks for shopping with us!


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