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Candle Consecration

CANDLE MAGICK ~ Conscrate & Dedicate your Candles for Spellwork

Ritual Consecration and Blessing

This is a ritual for any color of candle to incorporate positive energies and manifest spiritual influence.

Take a cleansing bath to prepare for the ceremony, then meditate and ground yourself before performing this rite. Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Burn Hyssop, Bay leaf, or Cinnamon powder for incense.

Place your candle(s) on a black cloth, and any other ritual tools around the cloth. Orient yourself south for the assistance of fire energies. Use your dominant hand to trace a pentagram above the candle with your index finger. While doing this visualize a trail of bluish-white light, as if actually drawing it in the air. When the pentagram is finished chant the following:

“Maiden Goddess, energy of youth and curiosity

I ask that you concentrate this candle with your purity.

Mother Goddess, energy of maturity and protection,

I ask your watchful eye upon this tool to be.

Crone Goddess, energy of age and ancient wisdom,

I ask that you guide this tool so that I may see.

Horned God, energy of strength and will,

I ask that with this tool you guide the law through me.”

Place your hand over the candle and envision the purity, wisdom, protection and strength of the Goddess/God charging the candle, then chant the following:

“Oh, Goddess of the Moon and Magick,

And God of the Sun and Forest,

I dedicate this tool to your will and wisdom,

Let it be source of no curse, no harm and no hate

As I bless this instrument, so shall it be!”

You have now dedicated the candle to the Goddess & God, also consecrated and purified it with their energies. The candle is no longer yours, but a tool of the Gods to manifest your requests. You are allowed to employ this tool in your spellwork as long as it is done without the intent of harm, negativity, or hate. As with all spellcraft rituals, if you are not completely sure of your intent, meditate and ask for guidance from the Goddess. If you listen, she will answer.


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