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Witchblood Skin Oil

Gypsy Witch Blood Annointing Oil ~ Recipe for Magical Intent

It is difficult to make this recipe in small quantities. The complete recipe is perfectly satisfactory for general use as a solitary practitioner to influence your spell casting .

    1/4 oz. Artemesia (wormwood powder)
    1/4 oz. Valerian Root (whole if possible)
    1/4 oz. Vervain Herb
    1/4 oz. Madder Root Powder
    1/2 oz. Mandrake root (white bryony)
    1 Pint Olive Oil
    9 Drops Oakmoss Oil
    7 Drops Elder Oil
    10 Drops Pine Essence
    5 Drops Chamomile Oil
    2 drops of honey or Sweet Sap
    a Pinch of white sea Salt

If you practice solitary magick this is ideal for a year or more of ritual uses.

When used solely by a male (High Priest)-you will leave out the vervain,
For use by a female (High Priestess) -you will leave out the oakmoss oil.

Charm or Invocation

Goddess blessing through the night,
as full Moon casts a magic light.
Power roused and herbs infused,
blessed for me and for my use.

On the day of the Full Moon bruise and break the valerian root, add the madder root powder and English mandrake. Then crush the mixture into a rough grind. Add to a large mixing bowl or mortar, use a pestle to work the potion. Mix in the wormwood and vervain herbs. Add a palmful or two of the olive oil and work it into a pulpy consistency (recite the above charm to increase the intent while you blend). Pour the pulp into a flat bottom baking dish. Fit a lid and put it in the oven:
15-30 minutes on a very low and gentle heat.
Remove from oven and allow to fully cool.

Stir the mixture (recite charm again) and scrape into a wide-necked glass jar (preserve jar, or similar). Stopper or cap, and leave on a warm south -facing windowsill (so the mixture can absorb sunlight and moonlight) for about a fortnight (14 nights).
Shake well each morning and evening (recite charm if you wish). When you see the New Moon appear, shake the mixture and strain through cheesecloth into a clean jar. Add the rest of the oils listed include the honey and salt. Stopper and shake vigorously.

Replace the jar on the windowsill and agitate vigorously each morning and again at evening until the Moon reaches the First Quarter phase. Leave on the windowsill undisturbed in order to allow mixture to precipitate until the eve of the next Full Moon.

Decant the clearest liquid of the precipitation and pour into a purified amphora or large bottle you already have prepared for ritual purpose.

This is a powerful potion, use it to anoint any sacred object in your spell work. When you use this powerful recipe on yourself, do so sparingly. If you skin is sensitive you may want to use a locket diffuser. Or, make a small potion bottle into a pendant and use the tiniest amount as needed.


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