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Spell to Banish Bad Memories

Spell to Banish Bad Memories
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A simple spell you can perform in a private ritual. Gather the candles, your oils, and a simmering incense burner. Meditate on what you have been unable to let go, whatever regrets you hold, or the sadness you feel. Think once of each sorrow and then read the words aloud. Afterwards, visualize your body being rinsed by immersion in chill waters, coming up and out refreshed and clean.

When you are done, you will have banished the pain and distractions from you, Now move on with what is most important, think of the one thing that makes your heart warm when you see it – and that will be your focus if ever your bad memories resurface.

The salt in water represents the banished memories and you stir to dissolve them. The green candle is for the newness of your spirit and the gold candle establishes a wealth of good tidings. Now you will only recall memories you hold close for comfort as they are the salve for your soul.



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