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Moon Magick

Also see: Astrological Moon Phases

When performing magical work, your best results are achieved when taking the phase of the moon into account to work WITH the moon rather than against it. Full & New Moon last three days, one day before & after, for magical work.

New Moon Progression

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April Moon: the Wind Moon
The time of blossoms and renewal of the earth as sprouts begin to appear.  The greatest change to the earth and living bodies is well underway. All life is responding to change and energies are increasing. To enhance the effect it is a great time for spells to promote growing things, get outdoors and celebrate your health, seek new relationships, seal yourself to a new love, and clean your space of any negative influences.

August Moon: the Corn Moon
This is a time of maturity, the Earth is bountiful, so spellwork to increase bounty in your life is appropriate. New investments can be blessed for prosperity, job promotions and new business can be achieved. It is a great time to bless a home or new possessions.

Blood Moon See 2016 photos of rare full eclipse
This is a bright moon seen in the dark hours. It is a dramatic sight, especially when low on the horizon when this moon appears swollen. In 2016 people were amzed to see a truly “Full” RED moon with the effect of being hugely swollen.

Any magick is enhanced under the Blood Moon. Potions are more potent; amulets and talismans will carry stronger charms; spells and enchantments are more powerful in effect and can really work well for difficult situations. It is an amazing time to work with the spirits; bless most anything; and to stir up magick of every kind.

Blue Moon
A Blue Moon occurs when the moon is full twice within any one given calendar month. A Blue Moon is also known as a Goal Moon. Set specific goals for yourself, and also review accomplishments and failures since the last Blue Moon. It is a natural moon and not truly blue in color, though it is truly magical.

Dark of the Moon
The three days before, during and after the New Moon, when the moon is in fhadow and not visible. Tradition holds this to be a time when magick is not performed. A time of rest. Dream work, meditation and vision questing that are not for a specific magical purpose- can be performed.

December Moon: the Long Night Moon
This is a time when spellwork for introspection brings about new insights. You have prepared for the long winter and you will spend much time indoors as the intense season continues. A good time to read your own Tarot, or to find your spirit guide and learn what is coming ahead.

Esbats are working celebrations, usually falling on the full moon and dedicated to the Goddess in her lunar aspect. This is when you should raise energy, cast spells, perform healing, solve minor problems. This is not to say that you can’t hold a ritual strictly to honor a certain deity if all is going well.

February Moon: the Quickening Moon
Although it remains a chill month in Northern climbs, it is when fertility is awakening. A great time for spells to encourage new birth, pregnancy and for Animal Husbandry to improve stock beyond the typical increase. Plant your seeds indoors and bless them for a bountiful start to your garden.

Full Moon
Banishing unwanted influences, protective magick, divination, planning, releasing, working backwards in time. Full moon magick can span seven days- three days prior, the actual night of the Full moon, and the three days following. A full cycle of the moon may pass for these works to come to completion. However, the most appropriate times for Full Moon rituals are within three days, one before & one after the maximum Full Moon.

Harvest Moon
The Full Moon nearest Mabon. This moon provided farmers with extra moonlight hours to bring in crops. It can be used to call in favors or add extra protection.

January Moon: the Cold Moon
This is a transition time for the winter sluggishness you feel, when day and night are almost the same length. The change is coming and your body feels it, although your response remains sluggish as the season is chill. A full moon at this time is good for working on revitalizing yourself, and directing your focus to the growing daylight. It is a good time for spells to begin new weight loss, and to strengthen the body, mind and soul. Focus on personal improvement under this moon.

July Moon; the Meadow Moon
This is wonderful time for mediation, for blessing new tools, and performing any kind of divination. Explore astral projection, spend the night in nature, bring your journal and record dream work. It is a softly magical time under this moon.

June Moon: the Strong Sun Moon
Days are long time seems to be on your side. Spells to nurture love and plan a family are receptive this month. Night spellwork is particularly satisfying when your herbs are fresh and the cooling of the day lends itself to “skyclad” celebration.

Lunar Eclipses
Eclipse of the Moon represents the perfect union of sun and moon. Any type of magick is acceptable.
There are 3 types of lunar eclipse:

1. Full Moon in total eclipse (like the dramatic 2016 Blood Moon eclipse)
2. Partial eclipse
3. Penumbral eclipse of the moon, as seen in Feb. and Aug. for 2017

March Moon: the Storm Moon
This is the month of day to day change, the Earth is regaining life and that requires a lot of work. Sunshine and warmth alternate between rain and stormy weather. It is a natural time to focus on balance, spells for improving your skills, work, income, intellect, and goals are great for March.

May Moon: the Flower Moon
A time of lust and passion for lovers. Spells to ensure fidelity, to bind your love to you, and to send away competition are favorable at this time. Make romance talismans, charm a love potion, and create love drawing oils to benefit from the enchantment of the May moon.

Moon Void of Course
As the moon orbits the Earth, it passes in and out of the 12 signs of the zodiac. On average, it spends about 2.5 days in each sign. A void-of-course moon marks the period when the moon makes no major aspects (in astrology, an aspect is a a geometric relationship between two planets) with other planets and before it enters another sign. The duration can be as little as a few seconds, or as much as two full days. Because the moon is associated with emotions, this lack of connection means we may feel adrift at this time. It is best not to start new projects, love affairs, anything than requires emotional commitment, during this time. There is a sort of dead space when this is happening. The rule here is to avoid doing any important magick work while the moon is in void of course. Don’t do any major magick work. Don’t complete any magick work during this time.

New Moon
Personal growth, healing, blessing of a new project or venture. Successful results should be seen by the next Full moon. If you perform enchantments during maximum full moon, your results can be nearly immediate and especially potent.

November Moon: the Mourning Moon
So called because there was a time the Celts considered this the beginning of a new year, and the time to rid yourself of the old, bring the new, and discard all bad habits. Spells for ending bad relationships are favorable, for new starts in any endeavor using positive enchantments, also for banishing the things you no longer want or need.

October Moon: the Dragon’s Blood Moon
This is the most favorable time to do any spellwork. It is the cusp of the dark half of the year, the coming winter season is felt in the chill nights. Samhain ends this month, and if the Full Moon is within three days of this Sabbat, you can be sure just about any spell will be successful to your satisfaction. Divination, tarot reading, any spiritual contact with Ouija or Witchboards will be enhanced during the full moon of this month. Let your creative spirit flourish by making incense, enchanting oils, charmed potions and making new tools for rituals.

September Moon: the Harvest Moon
Your efforts should be blessed with prosperity under this moon, harvest are traditionally celebrated, and your life should be too. Spells to bless the newcomers, babies and animal companions, also to celebrate a happy home or increase the happiness in your home are favorable.

Waning Moon
The time between Full and New moon, when the moon is growing less and less full. Banishing magick- a time to ban negative emotions, bad habits, disease, and ailments. Perform these kinds of magick up to, but not during the threes days of New Moon maximum.

Waxing Moon
The time between the New and Full moons. When the moon is growing more full. Good for attraction magick. Charms to find a new lover, or to bring romance into an existing relationship are favorable when completed closer to the fullness of the moon phase.

Full Moon Progression

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