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Dark Moon Magick: Healing and Positive Spirit

New Moon Magick spells do not have to be “Dark Magick”. Ancient practitioners used formulas to heighten their ability to connect with the spirits and invoke good works in healing, love, and protection. Their rituals contained all the necessary elements of potent magick with ethical issues taken into account. The space for spiritual encounter was and can be sacred and special. Dark Moon magick can be accomplished with symbolic words, actions and meditations created to inspire devotion, love and beneficial outcomes. You can use the dark of the moon even though it is a traditional time to avoid magick workings.

HEALING: a simple ritual to invoke health, banish illness, and strengthen weakened bodies.

Soak in a warm bath sprinkled with a little Rosemary and Thyme, add a few drops of cinnamon oil or powder. Let your mind relax so you can gather your inner energies for the task ahead. Candlelight is recommended for best relaxation.

Things you will want:

Five White and one Yellow tealight candles
Candle safe containers or short glass jars
Small bowl of purified water, spring or rain water
Sprig of Rosemary
Small container of salt
Bergamot herb
Cinnamon powder
Calamus Root powder
Sandalwood powder

Incense: Mix the following ingredients together to sprinkle on a burning charcoal disk

1 tsp Cinnamon powder
1 tsp Sandalwood powder
2 pinches of Bergamot
2 pinches of Calamus Root

It is always good to cleanse and bless your space before performing a ritual, use the smudge for this – carry the smoldering bundle as you speak a simple blessing to clear negativity from your space and all corners before beginning your ritual.

Sage Smudge (bind several sage sprigs tightly together with cotton string for this)
Note: light the smudge and then extinguish it- allowing it to smolder in a safe container

When ready, outline your sacred space by lighting four candles, one for each E/S/W/N direction

Bless each direction as you light a candle and welcome the Guardian Spirits:

Welcome Sylphs, Spirits of the Air – please assist me in my work this hour
Welcome Salamanders, Spirits of the Fire – please assist me in my work this hour
Welcome Undines, Spirits of Water – please assist me in my work this hour
Welcome Gnomes, Spirits of the Earth – please assist me in my work this hour

On your table or alter, light your remaining white candle to the 5th element, for the Goddess Asherah. In your own words ask that she oversee your work and bless the healing you will perform. Note the name of the person or yourself, for whom the healing is intended.

Speak to the Goddess and Elemental Spirits:

“Now is the time for the weaving of my will. As the Goddess and Elemental Spirits lend me their strength, I draw it into this healing work to remove negative influence and invoke renewed health. I cast my energies into the universe to create a favorable destiny for the benefit of (name).”

Write the following words on parchment, and then recite them.

“To the healing energies I now call,
help (name) be healed, in whole and all.
To the spirits for (name) I ask you send,
The powers for pain and suffering to end.
By the power that moves the Dark to Light,
while the Moon passes from black to white.
In this time of transition healing will come,
for (name) this recovery will be done.
I invoke this blessing for all to see,
while harming none, So Mote It Be!”

Light the yellow candle, burn the parchment carefully in the flame and drop the ashes into the bowl of water.
Sprinkle a pinch of salt in the water and stir with the spring of Rosemary as you speak.

“With this blessing my will is done, and healing of (name) will soon come”

Thank the Goddess Asherah for supporting your work, and release the Elemental Spirits from their task as you extinguish each candle in reverse N/W/S/E.

This healing is accomplished in good grace,
all negativity is banished beyond this space.
The work is done, So Mote it Be.

Your sacred space is now closed.

Take the water to an untended field and pour it over an area that has no growth. This will complete the work, and the earth will absorb the water where it will remain fallow and disperse the negative influence affecting health.



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