Visconti Tarot: Achille

Tarot reading for Achille – What to expect near future

The card reading was very responsive for Achille, it described that a fixation was causing her crippling emotional distress. She was invested in unrequited love and had to move on to heal herself. The person was not a lover, and was well aware of the situation. The reading led me to believe this man was enjoying her interest, but never going to return the attention. A very difficult situation to overcome, because she is particularly sensitive and somewhat introverted.

We discussed this after the reading and she agreed it was insightful, though she didn’t feel relieved. Understandable because of her situation. I encouraged her to get involved with a charitable cause, or local group where she could make herself available to others, make new friends and not remain confined as she has been.


2 comments on “Visconti Tarot: Achille

  1. good clear way to handle lessons through tarot

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