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Everything Magick and “How To” Guides. View MagickWyrd Network HD Tarot videos of actual readings and my Spirit Talking Board also called a “Witch Board”, demonstrated in a video. See my handcrafted one of a kind Charmed and Pandora Magical jewelry. I have recipe pages for Egyptian Kyphi, magical incense, oils & potions. I am sharing my Book of Shadows spiritual experiences and ceremonial magick in detail. Learn about Love Charms and Spells, see how you can find your Spirit guide, learn how to perform an exorcism and more. Read about Ritual Celebrations for the Wheel of the Year, view photos of working Altars and magical tools. Interesting and informative, written and illustrated by a Psychic Guide and practicing ceremonial magician. All questions are welcome.

Learn more about how the Tarot works: Tarot Cards and Video Reading

Interested in your own  videoTarot Reading: Tarot Reading by Magickwyrd

Magical jewelry is very personal, you will want to create a ritual to enchant yours.
I enjoy making these. See a few examples of what I like to make for ideas to help you.

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Gypsy Witch Dangle Neclace Love My Cat Bracelet Ouija Bracelet with Talking Board Charms
Ancient Egyptian Rune or Incense Box
Magical Cat Talisman Bracelet Cat Magick Bracelet
Goddess Silver Talisman Bracelet Cloisone Chramed Bracelet

4 comments on “Video Tarot

  1. I’m doing a project on tarot cards for school and I was just wondering if you could recommend the most common and easy spreads to use for a demonstration.


  2. Hello! I just ws browsing your videos on Youtube and found them very interesting! I attempt to try to us tarot cards for myself, but am perplexed over the reversals. Would you be interested in replying as to how you handle your reversals? I know some cards just seem to “fall” out of decks while shuffling. Other readers (such as the one I used to go to) had me pick out 6-7 cards to reverse from an entire card display and then incorporate them back into the deck.

    Also do you have any price quotations for your readings?

    Kind regards,

    Carol S.

    • Hi Carol,

      Happy New Year!

      Yes, I can tell you a little about reversed cards in a reading. Typically the meanings oppose the original meaning of an upright card. That is not to say they are opposite, rather they can be a warning for what you should watch for, or in some cases where the upright meaning is already a warning- the reversal means a lessor event of the same situation, or that you will have a close encounter and come out of it OK. See the cards before and after for clues, consider the goal and outcome cards before deciding the reversal’s effect.

      One thing that makes it a bit difficult to read for yourself is your subjective interpretation. You know yourself and what you want to see, so it poses a problem if you fail to look at your cards with an objective view. Deal cards for yourself, but see them as a story board, do not compare the cards to what you already know when reading them. Save the comparison until you see what the cards have to say. Make notes, then compare what you already know so you don’t guess the outcome.

      In any reading you must view the cards as a whole before you interpret them individually.

      Three or more of any suit indicates a strong influence over the whole situation and outcome.
      Cups – Love, friendship, close family, and encounters that have personal associations or close bonds.
      Swords – Conflicts, strong personalities, often male influence, sometimes overcoming adversity or warning of failure.
      Wands – Goals, accountability, emotional traits, wisdom, favors, travel, often refers to decisions or opportunity.
      Coins – Finances, personal gain or loss, new ventures and investments, career and promotions or loss of a job.

      Three or more Major Arcana cards indicate events of significance, these can be life changing events both good & bad.
      Read any Major Arcana card as overriding adjacent suit or court cards, sometimes altering the outcome for good or bad.

      Minor Arcana- suits and Court cards describe everyday events. So if the spread is is mostly these cards you are looking at daily dealings where simple common sense is required to choose the direction you take. Consider your future path as steady, you can expect life to continue in an expected manner. This doesn’t mean the situation won’t change if you have a moment of inspiration and are tempted to do something extraordinary on a whim.

      Just keep in mind that your cards read the expected outcome if you continue on your current path. You are always free to choose what is safe or what is risky. Because you have free will you can change your future and your path.

      Anytime you consider making a significant change, read your cards first to find some guidance.

      I hope this helps you to read your own cards.

      If you are interested in a reading please visit http://wp.me/P1sKhz-ML

      Best wishes for your success~


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