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New Moon Magick – July 18th 2012

This is the month of the “Wishing Moon”.

The July Moon is a time of strong Psychic vibrations. It is a time of inspiration where intuitive individuals will experience strong visions, or Karmic awakening.

The day before this New Moon until a day past at Sunset is when your psychic experiences empower you to make positive changes. This is a great time to contemplate your desires, to renew your personal goals and make plans. You will soon feel the need to clean-up any lose ends, especially things you have not felt ready for- now these needs beckon you to take action in the coming days.

This is the height of a great cosmic wellspring for psychic experience, so take personal advantage. The spring flow will ebb as the seasons progress in the great circle of life.

This New Moon represents “the day of Diana, a time for silent contemplation and internalized review”. Find your center and open your mind to all that has happened this year, then envision what you want to accomplish in the near future and through coming months. What you envision is what you will manifest.


The Goddess Diana encourages strength and tenacity. She will inspire new ideas and guide you to paths that renew your spirit to rejoice in your love of life and your desire to change the world around you for the better.

If you are planning spellwork to create new potions, or other magical work, you should rest your body over the three days of the New Moon, and then take action to create! Your senses will be enhanced, your plans in place, and you will do some of your best work as this month continues into August.

Blessed be~


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