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Kat Magick Bracelet

Cat Magick Silver Bracelet
Kat Magick Silver Bracelet $40 also available in gold* color $40

All silver tubes, Magnet clasp is a fast and secure closure. Hand blown glass beads or Swarovski crystal, many bead color themes available to choose from: Purple, Red, Blue, Green..etc.

*Gold color preference must be requested when ordering.

A big and bold Animal or Angel theme bracelet, although this is not a dangle style, it is charmed expressly for Magick. Again, I love cats and the magick they inspire, but we all have our own style and maybe a familar we would like to represent. This bracelet brings a lot of charmed magick into your world. It works well to entice spirits when using talking boards or Ouija.

When Purchasing Please Provide Bead Color Preference (just about any color)
Animals available:  Cat as pictured; Dog; Horse; Pig; Gator; Turtle or Bat (or any combination of charms)
Other: Angel; Roses; Fleur d leis; Star; Astrological signs; Sun, Moon, Lock & Key, Evil Eye, Hand of Fate

Cat Magick Bracelet

Custom Creations by “MagickWyrd”

Love Cats and Dogs? Or, Horses, Pigs, Elephants and Angels? This silver bracelet can have your favorite theme, with hand blown glass beads in a color choice. Low prices for Custom Fine Jewelry and Pandora Bracelets, $40 – $200 depending on how much silver or Swarovski crystal you prefer. Custom themes or styles.
——————————————————–  Thanks for shopping with us!

Contact Magickwyrd...thanks!

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