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Below are a few of many Spirit Boards I crafted to communicate with a spirit guide. My preferred pendulum is a  crystal teardrop on a silver chain with a protective Pentagram amulet. There are many reasons for using a Talking Board, they can be helpful in the same way a Tarot reading is used to learn more about events or people in your life.
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Talking Board for DivinationMy most popular theme was this Purple Pentagram and Celtic design
Glow in the Dark Talking BoardThis board had Glow-in-the-Dark and Neon Enamel – awesome under blacklight 
Blue Celtic Divination BoardI created several color combinations for this Celtic Style, one of my favorites

This is my Goddess Spiral design
My “Talking Boards” are hand painted on solid wood and enchanted when made. I preserved them in heavy resin over a blessing embossed on the bottom. You should add a felt base to protect tabletops.
There is a lot of mis-information about Talking Boards, so study them well before making or trying one. Never use a talking board without having first invoked a protection spell.


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