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Below are a few of many Spirit Boards I craft to communicate with a guide to ask your questions. The Pendulum is a faceted crystal teardrop on a silver 15″ chain with a protective Pentagram amulet. There are many reasons for using a Talking Board, they can be helpful in the same way a Tarot reading is used to learn more about events or people in your life. Full instructions for using the board are included.  Click images for enlargement
Talking Board for DivinationMy most popular theme Purple Pentagram and Celtic design Glow in the Dark Talking BoardThis board is Glow-in-the-Dark and Neon Enamel – awesome under blacklight 
Blue Celtic Divination BoardAvailable in any color or combination for this Celtic Style, choose your colors

This is the Goddess Spiral design
Talking Boards are 5 x 7 or choose 8 x 10 inches, each one hand painted on solid wood boards. They are preserved in heavy resin for a lifetime of durability. Every board has a blessing embossed on the bottom, with a felt base to protect your tabletop. You will receive instructions for use, and information about Talking Boards that you will find helpful.

 $18   Custom Design 5 x 7 talking board
 $8  Crystal pendulum: price with board purchase
 $24   Custom Design 8 x 10 talking board

Larger boards by request: 10 x 12 or 12 x 15 in any color or Glow-in-the-dark
Choose from any variety of colors, theme, or symbols. Please include notes with payment.
I custom make each of these as one of a kind. You can even send an image you want for the background.
(image should have some solid space for charactors, I will use creative measures otherwise)
Special requests or questions? Please include a note with your order, or email magickwyrd@hotmail.com

Contact Magickwyrd...thanks!

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