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Spirit Pentacle Pandora

Pentacle Pandora style Bracelet

Pentacle & Spiritual Pandora Style Silver Bracelet $105

Italian glass art beads, pentacle beads are hand crafted, silver stars, spacers, pentacle charms, locking clasp 925 sterling. 9″ chain. Smaller sizes available.
Click on images for enlarged details.

Beautiful and bold, occult theme, the stars beads add to the bold statement, and why would you wear anything that didn’t? Worn for Ritual and Ceremonial magick and to make a statement that will bring attention to your beliefs.

Pentagram Bracelet, Pentacle Pandora Bracelet

Custom Creations by “MagickWyrd”

Your choice of charms, ask about your favorite theme- animal familiar charms, Angels, magic symbols, or hand made charms. Design your own Magick Bracelet, Pendant, or Ear Rings. Simply provide an image you want on the charms, any high quality picture of at least 400×400 pixels, any subject or topic, all colors. Low prices for Custom Fine Jewelry and Pandora Bracelets, $40 – $200 depending on how much silver or Swzarski crystal you prefer. Custom themes or styles.
————————————————————————– Thank you for shopping with us!


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