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Powder Enchantment Potions H – L

Sprinkling powder potion recipes to use for obtaining what you want:

You can use any magick spell consistent with your intent, to finish a charmed powder

Grind dry ingredients into a powder when using whole herbs, dried petals, or resins. A marble mortar & pestle works best to both grind and then incorporate the drops of liquid by grinding it into your powder. Keep the finished sprinkling potion in a sealed container, I like to use 1 oz plastic or glass bead vials. Be sure to label the container and then keep it in a darkened area, like a cabinet.

Many of the oils in these recipes have good preservation properties, so you can usually keep powders for several months up to a year when well sealed. I sometimes refrigerate my larger batches to keep them fresh longer. Refrigerate when you find a particular powder that you want to keep well stocked.

For most sprinkling powders, use only a small amount – one or two pinches are all you will need.

HAPPY TIMES POWDER ~ Change your luck, reverse unfortunate circumstances
and eliminate poverty. Sprinkle around your home.

1 part Magnolia Buds ground

1 part Orange Peel grated

2 to 4 drops Vanilla oil

HAPPINESS POWDER ~ Bring joy and lift your spirits. Sprinkle powder
in a circle and sit within it while visualizing the power of positive feelings.

1/2 tsp Lavender

1 tsp Catnip

1 tsp Marjoram

HEALTH & HEALING POWDER ~ Cure illness and maintain good health.
Use with yellow candles in healing rituals or sprinkle around an ill person’s bedroom.

1 part Eucalyptus herb

1 part Myrrh resin

2 parts Thyme

2 parts Allspice

HOT FOOT POWDER ~ Send the negative influence away,
divert unwonted attentions.

1 part Cayenne Pepper

1 part Black Pepper

1 part Precipitado Rojo

2 parts Sal Negro (black salt)

2 parts Sulfur or Gun Powder

INSPIRATION POWDER ~ Inspire confidence and promote success.
Sprinkle on a person to increase creativity, optimism and achievement.

1/4 tsp Pine

1/2 tsp Lily dried petals & stamens

1/2 tsp Hyacinth

1 tsp Clove

ISIS POWDER ~ Increase determination, will power and concentration.

1/2 oz Orris Root

6 drops Lotus Oil

6 drop Sweet Flag oil

JINX REMOVING POWDER ~ Sprinkle all around your home to remove
hexes, curses and evil spells and protect all who live there. Best when sprinkled
outside the house and on the front and back door sills.

1/4 oz Mint herb

1/4 oz Chamomile

6 drops Wintergreen

JURY WINNING POWDER ~ For this Hoodoo powder to be effective
you must sprinkle some on the jury box or around a purple candle in a ritual.

1 part Hydrangea

2 parts High John the Conqueror

2 parts Galangal

dash of Asafotida (small batch)

JYOTI POWDER ~ Hoodoo powder used for financial gain, purification,
and overcoming hexes. Sprinkle powder around your home or business.

1/4 oz Galangal herb

1/4 oz Nasturtium Seeds

6 drops Patchouli

KINDLY SPIRIT POWDER ~ Use when you want others to like and sympathize
with you. Can be included in rituals to end loneliness and make trustworthy friends.

1 part Lily dried petals

1 part Hyacinth

1 part Lemon grated rind

KYOTO POWDER ~ Sprinkle on the head of anyone seeking healing of an illness,
overcoming bad luck or to create a more positive attitude from depression.

1/2 tsp Orris Root

1  Vanilla whole bean split a & scraped

1 tsp Clove whole crushed

2 drops Lavender oil

LOST & AWAY POWDER ~ Used to remove someone from you.
Sprinkle in their path where they will walk, or on your front porch.

1 part Graveyard dirt

1 part Mistletoe dried leaves

1 part Sulfur

1 part Orris Root

1 part Sage

LOVE POWDER ~ Sprinkle on yourself, bed sheets, and in the bedroom
when your love interest is coming over or when you want to meet a special person.

1/2 tsp Yarrow

1 tsp Ginger root

1 tsp Rose dried burgundy petals

1 tsp Basil

2 drops Lavender oil

LOVE & UNDERSTANDING POWDER ~ Sprinkle this powder on newlyweds
before their honeymoon to increase understanding and bring peace and love.

1 part Gardenia

2 parts Lilac

2 parts Muguet (Lily of the Valley)

2 parts Lily dried petals & stamens

LOVE DRAWING POWDER ~ Draw love attraction, sprinkle on the body or clothes.

1/2 tsp Cinnamon (crush fresh stick)

1 tsp Sweet Basil

1 tsp Myrtle

1 oz Sandalwood

1/2 dram Frankincense oil

1 dram Red rose oil or 2 tsp dried petals

2 oz Cornstarch or Rice Flour

LUCK AROUND BUSINESS POWDER ~ Bring in new customers and increase business.

Pulverized $1 bill

1 tbsp Gold Sand

1 tbsp Frankincense

3 drops Heliotrope oil

LUCKY MYSTIC POWDER ~ Hoodoo powder to bring prophetic dreams,
increase psychic ability and instill clairvoyance. sprinkle under pillow, around bed.

3 tbsp Silver magnetic sand

2 drops Basil oil

2 drops Vetivert oil



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