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God or Existence?

God Aspect as a Universal Order – Teleology

There is a recognizable order in the universe, we learn more about it every day. To believe in a creator or God aspect, it seems logical that the order of the universe is not accidental and that since there is design there must be a designer. A great example that supports the God aspect was stated simply by Aristotle. He said, man can see because he has eyes. But, man has eyes so he can see.

In every design there is a purpose- otherwise chaos is the result because there is no order. Some of the most clear forms of order are found in the smallest components of life. We are only just discovering and sorting out this complex realm, for example the gene mapping of humans.

Artists understand this. They are able to appreciate both order and chaos. You can find many critics who don’t understand artistic attempts at controlling the unknown or chaos, since they cannot identify order or design. This applies to visual, audio, and written art, which is man’s attempt to create something new and previously unknown. Man’s most creative works just might be his effort to bring order to his perception of chaos, in the form of art.

Scientists work diligently to discover every order in the universe, and in doing so find the interconnections that help them to resolve perceived chaos. Clearly we have come a long way in a short time. As the universal programming is discovered, we have new technologies, medicine, and find clear purpose in everything about our existence. Many involved in research believe that there is a design, many believe there is simply existence. As long as they are able to believe in something, there is order. As long as there is order, there was surely a master plan.

All things are possible in our universe. We have purpose and imagination because humans are themselves creators. Life on earth is an amazing combination of existence and order that rarely fails when it is allowed to flourish within the original design. We know that human intervention often results in the unexpected, even if the influence is benign or unintentional. Nature is simply the “natural order” which includes all of creation as it originally existed, and even now as man affects uncertain changes to our earth a new order rises that balances the disorder.

However, man is only the smallest part of natural change that occurs throughout the universe. It is not a static cosmos. The universe has a dynamic existence. It persists in vigorous motion, and transformation is simply part of the universal order. The moon and Sun are the most measurable push and pull on our world. Those who study the known universe see entire galaxies affecting their neighbors, near and far. There are cosmos where stars are just being born, others where they are dying. Some stars in death throws broadcast their agonizing end in detectable energy signals. Others stars (black holes), manifest an attraction that takes into themselves everything within their magnetic reach. Everything is scalable, what we see on earth is happening in a big way outside of our visual realm.

I believe it’s easy to see why the power of guided faith is strong among humans, regardless of what an individual chooses to follow. What we don’t understand we fear, what we believe we understand we hold tight, and often refuse to step beyond. We are very visual creatures, and perception is the reality we cling to. The truth is that we each create our own reality based on nurture and experience, and often what feels “safe”. The “other truth” is that there is much more substance in the universal design than most humans are willing to explore. The greatest powers we have to draw on are our intuition, our imagination, and our unconscious perceptions. Unfortunately, most humans do not effectively use these powers because they exist outside of their tangible everyday reality. Instead, many people look for an intermediary. This may be something with sacred attributes, or someone with spiritual insight and a following. When the “visual” experience is both appealing and safe, it can become a spiritual niche.

In my belief, all paths are valid. We each choose a faith that is best for our path, and right for the life we know and live. I do want to explore what others believe, and be able to share my own vision without fear of ridicule, and to live my faith without persecution.

As a solitary, my path may be different in that I don’t have an intermediary between myself and my creator, I have a direct connection. I don’t fear my gods, I reach out to them and ask for guidance and assistance. As long as I harm no one, and my intent is both positive and constructive, there is nothing to fear. My rituals are performed as appreciation, in what I believe will be pleasing to the omnipresent spiritual power that permeates the universe.



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