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Tarot Videos

What is a Tarot Reading, is Tarot accurate? Are the Tarot charmed?

Tarot cards are used by intuitive or psychic guides to describe your personal circumstance. Cards that are drawn and presented in a predetermined sequence have unique meanings that combine to tell the fortune of an individual and to foresee future events. Tarot cards reveal what to expect when the future advances without purposeful change. Each card has a definition that the Tarot Reader is familiar with, and Tarot card meanings connect to reveal a predominant situation or influence in your life. It is something like reading chapters of a story which tells something about luck, love, illness, or any possible event. The cards reveal many clues to an experienced guide.

What can I expect from a Tarot Reading? How can Tarot benefit me:

The person handling the Tarot develops a natural connection to each card as it is drawn, and will perceive how a card consolidates with other cards in its position as it appears within a “spread” of cards. This is a form of divination, meaning to observe the influences in a chance set of cards. Your reader perceives the progressive meanings in your Tarot cards and what they reveal about you. The charmed Tarot cards are the result of the reading.  Tarot Reading by Magickwyrd

It works like seeing a map of where you have been, where you are now, and looking forward on the map to see where you are headed. Your choices, luck, and the experiences you have tell a lot about where your path leads. This is what the Tarot Reader can see. Your future cards have images that relate to what you are likely to choose, based on what has already happened in your cards. There may be future events predicted, good, bad, or neutral. This is what the Tarot Reader will describe to you, explaining that there are things to avoid, and things that you will want to pursue.

When you understand there are choices you can make, it will alter your future to some degree. Tarot cards will not tell you what to do, but an exceptional intuitive reader can suggest changes that are to your advantage. You may not be able to stop an event from happening, but you can prepare to manage the outcome, improve your response to an event, and understand what will positively influence your life. It is fascinating to foresee good fortune or love coming your way.

There are many spreads that are commonly used in a Tarot reading. However, some readers prefer to use their own interpretation of the card sequence, drawing cards to establish a progression that differs somewhat from what other readers employ. A reader may use fewer or more cards, and those cards may not be positioned in the exact order of a typical or classic placement. Tarot readings are an expression of the individual guide’s vision, and the guide must be free from constraint to achieve an accurate outcome. Some readers discover a particular card sequence invokes a clarity of vision for them, and it becomes their preference in a reading.

One to three cards are often used to answer a single question, which are “action” readings, meaning the intuitive reader focuses on a question and does not descry the past or future to discover the here and now answer. A direct question receives a simple vision in response.

Typical five card readings provide a limited view of the recent past, the current situation, what the questioner is concerned about, the current goals that person has plus the outcome of following the path the Tarot guide describes. The images in the Tarots reveal a future that either confirms a positive outcome or that provides the person receiving the reading an opportunity to change their destiny. When you understand what to expect you can choose to alter the outcome.

Full Tarot readings usually involve seven to ten cards, and sometimes an additional action reading to uncover more information about important concerns seen in the original Tarot spread. The guide receives a vision about past and present influences that surround a person or event to discern what dominates the current situation. Influences concern the living environment: family, monetary situation, love, health, work or school, stressful conditions, marriage and fidelity, all events that open a view to what has and is happening up to now. The Tarot continues past the here and now to provide insight to upcoming events and influences. Tarot cards can portend benevolent or fallacious influences from persons you associate with, and can predict events of good as well as bad fortune. The reader foresees what you can expect if you continue on your current path, and they describe that path to help you understand and anticipate your future.

Your life and the events that you experience are forever changeable. People and places, luck and health, the emotions that come from within that continually affect your attitude, all these things contribute to choices you make along your path in life. Tarot exposes these things to the intuitive guide and predicts the consequence of your interactions. What you learn from a reading can improve your personal goals, alert you to things you can avoid, and learn what will bring greater joy and satisfaction into your future.

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