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Athame Consecration Ritual Spell

Consecrating Your Athame


Bone handled blade wrapped in  black cloth (to represent unrefined earth metal)
Juice of Pimpernel (found in health food store) in tall chalice
A bowl large enough to wash blade in fresh water (rainwater if possible)
Large feather
Deep Bowl of fresh turned earth to bury the blade to hilt
Burner or small torch used to  temper your blade
Hematite stone or Lodestone (magnetic)

Incense: (reserve 1/2 recipe for blessing)

6 drops Benzoin Oil
1/2 tsp Powdered resin Dragon’s Blood
1 tsp Solomon’s Seal Herb (powdered)

Timing: Three days before the new Moon

Altar: Should be centered in your sacred space to represent your universal alignment

Remove the black cloth around your blade with careful intent, unwinding to reveal it.
Immerse your blade in the water, cleansing it carefully, do not dry the blade

Direct your blade East and smudge with incense using the feather. Knowing your intent to consecrate the blade to your use, mediate on this gift that came from the earth. Anoint the blade by carefully drawing it flat across you hand, from haft to point, imprinting your essence in the blade and visualizing it’s origin in the earth, then being mined and forged into the fine blade it will become.

Direct your blade South. Heat it with your flame burner or torch, then dip in the Chalice of Pimpernel juice three times. Meditate on the clean newly formed blade and how you will use it, impressing it mentally as “mine” .

Bless the blade three times as follows:

Blade of steel I conjure thee,
To ban all things as named by me,
And as my words, SO MOTE IT BE.

Direct your blade to the West. Immerse your blade in the bowl of water and personally anoint with  a tear, or saliva to infuse your essence. To further bond your  blade to your use, meditate on the power that flows from your hand into the blade as you draw it through the water.

Direct your blade North. Rub the blade gently from the point to haft with the Hematite or lodestone.

Bless the blade three times as follows:

Blade of steel I conjure thee,
To attract all things as named by me,
And as my words, SO MOTE IT BE.

Plunge the blade into the bowl of fresh earth, this represents the death and rebirth of your blade. It must remain in the earth for seven days hence.

Speak over the blade’s resting place as follows:

Let this master tool be born of Air, Fire,
Water, and Earth, and return as mine,
Through me, Goddess bless this bond
To master all Elements, as my Servant

After seven days, your will re-cast your circle around the centered altar where the blade remains buried.

This will be the final bonding of the finished tool as it will rise new and clean from the earth.
It is traditional to have a name already chosen by you, for your new blade.

Direct your new Athame to each quarter, and introduce it to the Elemental Guardians:

Gnomes, Elemental Spirits of the Earth, may you bless (name) to my use.
Sylphs, Elemental Spirits of Air, may you bless (name) to my use.
Salamanders, Elemental Spirits of Fire, may you bless (name) to my use.
Undines, Elemental Spirits of water, may you bless (name) to my use.

You can inscribe a name, symbol, or anything you choose on the handle or blade of your Athame. Perform a blessing ritual after you inscribe your Athame.

An Athame Blessing

You will need the remainder of your incense
White pillar Candle
Bowl of Fresh water, reserve a cup for sprinkling
Salt – in small quantity

Cast a circle and call the four quarters. With the Athame in the center of your Altar, also center yourself and focus on your Athame :

“I cleanse and purify this tool of my Craft from all previous energies and negativity.”

“Spirits of Earth, bless this Athame by the steel of it’s blade, to lend strength and stability to my magick and work.”

Sprinkle salt on the blade and handle of your Athame, flip to reverse and sprinkle salt again.

“Spirits of Air bless this blade to extend and direct my magick into it and enable it to pierce the realms of the universe.”

Draw a pentacle in the air before you with your Athame, then cup fresh water in your  hand to sluice the salt away.

“Spirits of Fire, forgers of this blade, bless my Athame to Do My Will, banish negative influences and purify it with my energies.”

Use a consecrated candle to immerse the blade in flame on both sides.

“Spirits of Water, bless this magical knife to be used with love and respect for the mysteries. May all spells cast with this blade be infused with power that is performed in the natural spirit of magical arts.”

Dip your Athame towards the earth and sprinkle clean water down both sides of the blade.

To the Goddess and God, speak the blessing:

“I bless this Athame in the names of
my Goddess and God that it (name) may
be true to the Will of my spirit,
to be a powerful tool of the Lord
tempered with the intuition of the Lady.
In love and in trust,
In peace and in wisdom,
I bless this tool of my faith,

So mote it be.”

Close your circle and cleanse the Altar area. Your Athame is now blessed to your magical use.



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