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Asian Magick Luck

Asian Magick Gook Luck BraceletAsian Magick Charm Bracelet: $45

Asian Symbols for Luck, Health and Prosperity, one of a kind charmed bracelet with authentic ceramic “Luck” beads, tea leaves, lotus leaves, luck & wealth triangle, and various golden dragons for more luck. 9″ chain.

This is a luck inspired bracelet. Wear it as a talisman for gambling and betting on horses. It also brings good health to the wearer. This is a bracelet that people will notice, and they will want to know what the symbols mean. To keep your luck your own, don’t reveal the charm this bracelet delivers for the one who wears it.


Custom Creations by “MagickWyrd”

Design your own Magick Bracelet, Pendant, or Ear Rings. Simply provide an image you want on the charms, any high quality picture of at least 400×400 pixels, any subject or topic, all colors. Low prices for Custom Fine Jewelry and Pandora Bracelets, $40 – $200 depending on how much silver or Swarovski crystal you prefer. Custom themes or styles.
————————————————————————————– Thanks for shopping with us!

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