Video Tarot Reading

For a full personal Tarot Reading recorded on High Definition video, you will learn what to expect in the next six months. Your video can be confidential or shared. You receive a personal link, your video is a permanent record available to review details anytime.

You can ask questions you want me to focus on, or I will record your reading with only your first name. You are welcome to ask a question anytime after a reading. Please view my Live Tarot Readings in the right side menu, so you can preview a full Tarot reading.

About your 10 Tarot card reading:

  • Your reading is specifically about you and relationships with the people in your life
  • Your past in reference to your personal life events, is part of the reading
  • Good and bad relationships or events that have affected you are described
  • A focus on your current circumstance is usually the main point of your reading
  • How your current situation can affect your life direction is key to your reading
  • The near future, usually in weeks to a month is explored
  • Persons, events, luck and health that affect your future are described:
    How people see you, how they feel about you and how they relate to you, also
    details about your attitude and how you feel about yourself and your life.
    This can be love relationships, financial goals, family, health, luck or travel.
  • Your personal goal is considered as it fits with your ongoing future path
  • Details reveal your current path so I can describe what to expect in your future.
    Influential people, events, and opportunities are usually part of these details.

One important point I want to share is that I am candid about what I see. Most events and opportunities will be wonderful to describe to you. Sometimes what is revealed is not necessarily what you are hoping for. I believe I am obligated to tell you whatever is revealed, because you need to know what to look for if you want to make the best choices for yourself.

You must understand there are choices to make, and that knowing more about what may come- good or bad, can improve your life. This is about being prepared and being able to recognize what is coming, so you can choose to make the best of it.

As a guide I offer some counsel. You may consider what I describe, or choose to continue your current path. I will tell you if you are already on a positive path. If you need to reconsider your direction, I will tell you that as well. Remember, I cannot change things for you, what you choose to do in response to what your cards reveal is not something I can be responsible for. I describe what I see, so you know what options are open to you.

If you want to learn more about yourself and what your future looks like, you can ask to schedule a Tarot reading.

For 1st time clients my introductory fee is $50 for a 10 card reading ( 25-35 minutes).
You can purchase your video with PayPal, or with a credit/debit card as a guest.

My regular fee is $75 for a full reading and interpretation. I also offer returning clients summary updates, which are five to seven card readings for $30.

Thank you for your interest, I hope you will choose to learn what the cards reveal for you.


First time reading $50

Return for full reading $75

Update Summary Reading $30

Please note: this is a secure PayPal purchase, you also can use a credit/debit card as a guest. Your purchase price is protected, and you will receive a confirmation.


11 comments on “Video Tarot Reading

  1. Thank you so much, and blessed be~
    Beatriz Escalante
    Accurate and beautiful reading

  2. Thanks Robyn, I do hope this is a great coming together for you both. The chemistry is only a small part of what could be, my best wishes for an exciting and lasting relationship~ Blessed be.
    Robyn Frazar 9/28/13
    Great reading Sandy, as always!!!
    Just to confirm some of the things you said.. he is my polar opposite astrologically. I’m an Aquarius and he’s a Leo. He DOES have an interesting tattoo on his thigh – a prayer written in another language. I’ve had a few other readings on this subject and everyone is saying the same thing – he likes me, but he’s been hurt and needs encouragement, or perhaps simply just needs me to reach out. Also, like you said, he IS very handsome and younger than me 😉

  3. Thank you Lorena, I’m so glad to confirm your goal is a positive move, and happy that I could help you in this way. Blessed be~
    Lorena Kolenovic
    What a great, detailed reading! My big decision was in fact about relocating and starting fresh- back home to Europe! I love traveling and seeing new and beautiful things/people/places! I’m full of life and want to see and enjoy everything that life has to offer! Also, someone from the past has been influencing/helping me… in a positive way! And her comment about admiring the ‘female’ body made me lol- because it’s true (and I’m not gay) 🙂 thanks so much, you’re amazing!

  4. You are Welcome Valerie, I am so happy to hear from you again. I have every hope that you both will come together again, blessings for you.
    Angelique Collins
    Hello- this is Valerie and I really appreciate my tarot reading. Very interesting and you saw something very true I have overcome! I am still working hard on this relationship. It can be trying sometimes. Thank you so much for this video made just for me.

  5. Veronica, thank you so much for the feedback, it really helps me to know what resonated with you in a reading. Yes, I definitely felt I must use the Visconti Tarots, as I mentioned in the reading. You were sending me clear messages before I started your reading. Always a pleasure for me when this happens.
    Hello Magickwyrd! I just want say how great and accurate your reading was for me!
    First with your choice of the Tarot deck for my reading, because coincidence or not; After, I watched all your videos and in one of them I saw you using a Visconti deck, since then I totally felt in love with them and they are my preferred by far because of the golden details. 2 thumbs up 4 that!

  6. You are always welcome~ Magickwyrd

    Thank you so much for the wonderful and the explicit reading!It was really very insightful and helpful as well!Please keep up the good job.

  7. Achillevonmars

    Thank you so much! That was frightenly accurate!

  8. Thanks for the feedback, I always appreciate it.
    Alex Leonard
    I’d like to say that everything in the reading is very accurate. In the time since I requested it, I’ve had quite a journey, though it didn’t involve much actual travel. I also think I may have found the long-term partner you mentioned. It’s interesting to me to see this NOW, after almost everything you saw happened. It’s certainly a testament to the Tarot’s accuracy.

  9. Thank you, and I appreciate the feedback. Blessed be~
    Lovely reading, I love how in depth you go in all my readings. A lot of tarot readers make their readings very rushed, but yours are nice and relaxed. Nice job.

  10. mauribea
    Accurate again, and spot on for me

  11. thanks for the great readings! I’m always amazed at how accurate you describe what was happening, and about college, wow, I had just been accepted to university, now I am stoked! kat in bc

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