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Uncrossing Your Work: Remove Hex, Jinx or Spell

Incantation for uncrossing, banishing a spell and self protection

Reverse Spell Sigil

When: Waning Moon
Pre-Ritual Divination Method: Mirror Scrying
Moon Phase: Waning Moon – until 3 days before New
Days: Saturday; Sunday; Tuesday or Friday
Planetary Hour: Mars, between 8:00-11:59PM, PST

Set out a black scrying mirror or bowl of water. Relax and gaze into your reflection, think of nothing as you gaze, your sight will come. When the clarity of your intent appears in your vision, you are ready.

One white and one black candle (small)
Four small bloodstone pebbles
Small red potion bottle with cork, any color that has red hue
Small amount of Agrimony herb
Cinnamon Oil
Self-igniting charcoal disk
Rain water or purified bottled water

Parchment: Write the incantation and draw the Sigil on the paper

Incense blend: (ignite charcoal disk before incantation)
Betony herb finely crushed
2-3 drops Cinnamon oil or Neroli

Oil for Jinx and Hex removal: (to anoint candles – spread from center to ends)
4 drops Rose
4 drops Lavender
4 drops Bay Laurel
4 drops Verbena

Arrange four pieces of Bloodstone around a red glass bottle.
Anoint the rim of the bottle with Cinnamon oil.

When you are ready, recite the following incantation:

Return to me Spell cast in haste,
withdraw the power spent.
Recall to me this mistake,
reverse directions sent.

Light the White candle

Spirits are now dismissed,
forgive this error of intent.
This ends the wrongful deed,
by flame the Spell is rent.

Light the black candle

Burn your incense and meditate on drawing the spell back to you.

Your patron (who you originally asked to guide your spell), will direct spirits to release the spell if you make your request in your own words, and give thanks. Do this now.

Roll the parchment tightly, and burn the spell in the black candle flame. Before the parchment is completely ash, drop it into the Witch Bottle. Add any remaining ash from the parchment, now add one piece of the Bloodstone and a pinch of Agrimony. Tightly cork the bottle as you repeat the words:

“This releases the spell from me,
as I wish so mote it be”.

Set out an offering of Purified Waters to thank spirits for their assistance.

To complete your task you must set the bottle on a natural body of water such as a lake or ocean. Cast the bottle out and watch the bottle until it disappears. Leave without a return glance. Do not return to this location until after the next full moon.

You are done.

This will resolve the problem of what has returned to you from a curse or other hexing.

This process is part of three steps. The removal and spell banishment. Casting the bottle that contains the reversal from you begins the healing from the spell or hex that was banished. And the final step is to look forward and focus on your personal journey. Make things right again in your life. Never again look back at what or who had caused the wrongness.



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