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Dragons Blood Full Moon in Eclipse

Dragon's Blood Moon November

Full Blood Moon at Perihelion

During this moon I perform a consecration ritual to infuse magick into items I create over the past couple of months.

  • Herbal Mixtures
  • Incense recipes for future use
  • Jewelry – bracelets and pendants
  • Magical Oil recipes
  • Paten plates (several with Eye of Horus, Isis Symbol, Pentagrams, and one Third Eye.
  • Potions – Several to re-stock my supplies
  • Water collected in recent rainfall
  • Spell bags – for containing tools and magical items
  • Spell Boxes, I had more than a dozen prepared for the occasion

If you plan for special moon events you can replenish your stores to have the items you need readily available. Most important is the timing, it makes a difference in the strength of your magick, so your tools or creations are made more potent.

FYI: tthe proxigee full moon skips year 2017 altogether because the previous proxigee full moon happened November 14, 2016, and won’t happen again until January 2, 2018. In 2016 our Super Moon extravaganza occurred six times, typically there are four occasions each year. The last time this happened was 18 years ago in 1993. The Supermoon on November 14, 2016, was the closest to Earth since January 26, 1948.

Full moon magick is a powerful time of rites, you will feel the pull of the moon in your body. Living items like your herbs will have drawn their essence into the plant above ground in response to this same pull. The ocean is influenced by the moon, so are our bodies and the bodies of all living things, and the Earth herself.

That is particularly why moon phases are used to do different kinds of magick. Waxing and Waning trigger earthly change in all things, so we also use this timing to our advantage. Roots are stronger when the moon is set as their essence resides most deeply in the earth at this time. Flowering and leafy plants draw the moisture of their essence into the upper plant as the moon influence increases with its rise. Again, the same as the tides of the ocean are stronger and weaker due to the influence of the moon. The seasons when the moon is closer to the earth are not what affects earth temperatures, learn more about that and you will know when the best time is to plant or harvest.

One of the best times to evoke magick and call on the Goddess to bless spellwork of any kind is during a Super Moon event.

Note: Many people  thought the perigee Super Moon of 2011 was one of the triggers for the Tsunami in Japan on the 13th. Our Earth Mother has other reasons for her reactions, this may have contributed to the strength, but was not the underlying cause as the moon was only about 2% closer than average. Scientific studies prove this event did cause stronger tides, which would be obvious, but natural disasters have a diversity of triggers that we cannot predict.

Nature is an amazing enigma, but as we learn more about how it affects us individually, and use that knowledge, we gain a power over the things we want.

Blessed be~


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