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NEW: Zombie Gear Paracord Bracelets – Wide Style Unique Designs *FREE Shipping*

Zombie Glow in the Dark Paracord Bracelet
Limited Edition Glow in the Dark Monster Cuff 2″ Wide    (Click images to enlarge)
Glow in the Dark Survival Paracord BraceletMonster Cuff Paracord Survival BraceletMonster Cuff Survival Paracord BraceletMonster Cuff Nuclear MeltdownMonster Cuff Hyper DeathMonster Cuff Dead RunnerZombie Atomic Death 1 1/2" WideNight Raider Glow & Reflective Survival Paracord BraceletZombie Bloody Mouth Mega WideZombie Bloody Cannibal Mega DaygloZombie Meltdown Mega Dayglo and UndeadZombie Bloody Vampire Queen Glow in the DarkZombie Vampire Reflective and Glow in the DarkZombie Infectious Bite Neon and UndeadZombie Gross Virus Mega DaygloPurple People Eater Hot NeonZombie Apocolypse Mega Neon and Dayglo
These extra wide paracord bracelets are meant to wear anytime, and are functional survivalist bands. The Zombie colors in unique styles are fun and they are not made elsewhere. They really get attention when worn. Bracelets are easy to clean and colors stay bright. Enjoy your survival bracelet in bold widths and colors that make a statement.
Please measure your wrist and add 1/2″ for comfortable snug fit or 1″ for looser fit.

ORDERING: Free Shipping (standard 7-10 days)
“ZOMBIE Monster Cuff Glow in the Dark” hand crafted:
“ZOMBIE Monster Mayhem Dayglo Cuff ” hand crafted: $14.95
“ZOMBIE Monster Deadhead Black Cuff ” hand crafted: $14.95
Monster Cuff Deadhead
“ZOMBIE Monster Nuclear Meltdown Cuff” hand craft: $14.95
Monster Cuff Nuclear Meltdown
“ZOMBIE Monster Hyper Death Cuff”      hand crafted: $14.95
Monster Cuff Hyper Death
“ZOMBIE Monster Dead Runner Cuff”     hand crafted: $14.95
Monster Cuff Dead Runner

Measure your wrist and add 1/2″ for comfortable snug fit or 1″ for looser fit.

“ZOMBIE Piranha Glow in the Dark style” hand crafted: $14.95 each
“mouse over” thumbnail for Style Choice description
Choose Night Raider
Choose VampireChoose Vampire QueenChoose Nuclear Wasted
When ordering please note your style choice

“ZOMBIE Piranha Neon Dayglow Colors” hand crafted:  $13.95 each
Choose Atomic DeathChoose Gross VirusChoose MeltdownChoose Infectious Bite
Choose ApocolypseChoose Purple People EaterChoose Bloody MouthChoose Cannibal
______________________________When ordering please note your style choice

Black Contoured 5/8” and Color matched Contoured 5/8” (standard on adult* sizes)

Optonal Side Release Buckles (choices available to you):

  • 1/2” Black Contoured or whistle style – free choice
  • 1” Black Contoured Buckles for Monster Cuffs sizes 9 1/2” or larger – free upgrade
  • 1” Metal Black Powdercoat Buckle available add’l $3 (for serious survivalists)

Note: *Youth lengths under 7” have 3/8” Contoured Buckle Black or Color matched

Your bracelet is not glued and can be quickly unbound for use as needed for emergencies or survival conditions. Cord ends are tucked and will not cause discomfort like bracelets that have burnt or glued ends against the inside of your wrist. Two color patterns are tightly woven with long lengths of unbroken 7 Core 550lb military grade cord, made in America, and individually hand crafted for you.

About Cleaning Care: Hand wash in cool-warm water with mild soap. Do not wring dry, use a towel to pat out excess water. Lie the band flat on a hard surface, gently stretch it slightly by tugging on the buckle ends, then let dry flat until it is completely dry. The nature of fibers are to shrink a little, if you handle it this way it should be minimal. As noted ordering the bracelet 1/2″ to 1″ larger than your wrist will help to maintain a comfortable fit.

Average sizes:

  • 6  inch = extra small youth size
  • 6 1/2 inch = youth
  • 6 3/4 inch extra small women
  • 7 1/4 inch small – medium  women
  • 7 1/2 inch medium women
  • 8 inch medium – large women/Small men
  • 8 1/2 large women/ medium men
  • 9 inch large men
  • 9 1/2 inch extra large men
  • 10 inch+ men plus sizes are available for add’l $2.00

Dog collars are available with “D” ring and contoured matching buckle, choose a size
Please measure your dog loosely to fit two fingers under the collar or add up to 1-1 ½”

Pricing: Piranha Dog collars are quoted for length and style. Please inquire.

  • mini                    6 – 8 inch
  • x-small               8 -10 inch
  • small                 10-12 inch
  • medium            12-14 inch
  • med-large         14-16 inch
  • large                  16-18 inch
  • sizes over 18” available for add’l $2 per inch

Do you have questions or a special request?  Please use the form below:

Contact Magickwyrd...thanks!

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