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Sprinkling Powder Recipies


These recipe files are extensive, so I’ve broken them down into alpha lists.

See list for Powder Potions:

Potion Recipes: A-G
Potion Recipes: H – L
Potion Recipes: M – Y

Recipes guide you to create magically charmed recipes to obtain change, and for things you want:

Sprinkling enchanted herbs and powders can invoke the influence of the herbs to achieve most any magical intent. Powders are traditional American folk magick and hoodoo that are potent and effective for creating change. Scattering herbs or blends around a home, property, or other area you want to infuse with magical intent is quite common in witchcraft. Powders are finely ground dried herbs, blends of herbs, or oils added to a base. Most often a mortar and pestle are used with fresh or dried herbs that have been gathered for a particular use. Finely ground or powdered, you can create and charm magical powders for any purpose, then package and store them for future use. Use one of  many enchantment spells, or create your own to finish the charmed potions.

Protection powder is used in a circle ritual or sacred space. Salt is also used as a tool to block negative influence. To enhance your magical work, powders may be dusted onto your altar and ritual objects to increase your magical intent, or blown into the air to spread their magical influence through a room or place.

Resins for use in enchanted blends or incense, are often obtained in a powdered form. Resinous materials are very difficult to grind yourself as they can stain, and are often gummy or very sticky when crushed whole.

Fresh ingredients gathered by hand are the most potent. See my herb recipe directions for proper handling and enchantment to collect your ingredients. Or, purchase your herbs from a reputable source, avoid commercial products that may contain chemicals or preservatives.

Recipes I am sharing are very old, having been in use for centuries in some cases. Be careful about skin sensitivity if you plan to use any of these on the body, or where they will contact the body.



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