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Candles: Making Colored Flames

Creating Magical Candle Flame Colors – List of Colors you can make:

  • Blue – Copper chloride
  • Crimson – Lithium chloride
  • Green – Copper sulfate
  • Light Green – borax or boric acid
  • Orange – Calcium chloride
  • Purple – Potassium chloride
  • Red -Strontium chloride
  • Bright Yellow -Sodium chloride (salt)

Colored Candle Flames

Incorporate small amounts of any listed earth powders (chemicals) by mixing with paraffin in a coffee can set into a double boiler. Do this with extreme care as paraffin is HIGHLY flammable. I recommend safety measures like an appropriate extinguisher, oven mitts, and that when you melt wax you DO NOT leave it untended.

Try one or two candles at first to determine what you want.

Mold your candles, or use muffin tins, small paper cups, even a box of damp sand with scooped shapes will work. Use good candle wick, with or without wire is fine.

As your candles burn and the wax melts, the chemicals burn colored flames. It is a nice effect. For oil candles, add your chemicals directly into the oil. You can even mix the chemicals to change flame colors, Strontium and Copper will make violet flames.

Finally, you can sprinkle or soak wood, wood chips, or other materials to burn. You will have colored flames that create an interesting atmosphere. Copper Chloride 1:10 in water, soak firewood 48 hours, then let thoroughly dry, great for campfire gatherings. Your friends will enjoy the unusual and mesmerizing effect for fireside ghost stories.



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