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“How To”

Make Incense, Oils, Preservation Techniques, Find Spirit Guides, Do an Exorcism…

Because there are many questions related to Rituals and Making Magick, I wanted to add some topics that will help you with the creative side of practicing Magick. In the menu for “How To” you will learn about preparations to practice magick, how to make magical Incense, Oils, Herbs, Sprinkling Powders, and Potions. The recipes and directions are simple, though there are careful guidelines to do it correctly.

Magick is essentially your personal creative practice. You “Make it Happen”. The key here is “you”.

No tools are necessary to create real Magick. The real reason tools are used is to create a tangible conduit to unfamiliar realms. You must develop an atmosphere of magical psyche and a reference point. Some of us can do this by turning inward and then inside out. This is not an intuitive ability in your initial experiences, it is a learned and perfected skill. That said, tools are a focal method for reaching into spiritual realms. Some items are very attractive to spirits, and that helps you enmesh them until you learn the ritual art of command. There is also the need to send them back, even banish what is unwonted. Your focus is foresight, you must plan how to manifest magick and then ensure containment of spirits.

Magical work relies on your intent, and careful preparation for successful achievement. Only the most experienced practitioners are able to move quickly from what they envision, to accomplishment. Years and even decades might be needed for individuals who do not apprentice, but instead work from self-study, trial, and error. You always want to plan ahead to ensure your success.

My advice is to become an understudy, if you can find a master who will accept you as an apprentice. This will take a great deal of effort and research. If you go down this path be certain you are willing to dedicate yourself unconditionally. All forms of magical practices can be either or both beneficial and treacherous.

Do what you want, but harm no one in the process. Learning about magick and making it happen is an extraordinary journey. Know that magical practices are not for the faint-hearted, or to be used without restraint. Before you begin down this road your intent must be purposeful, preferably for the good of others as well as yourself.

Something to remember along the way
Power crosses all boundaries, and often returns with robust substance to the sender. Its true that Karma can be a real B**ch. Just don’t go there is my recommendation.


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