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Carrier Oils: Measure

Carrier Oils to Blend Herbs & Powders into Magick Oil Potions & Incense

Approximate Measurements for planning and mixing recipes: click image for full size

Vial size guide: 1ml= 20 drops, increments to 1/2 oz= 300 drops

Vial size guide: 1ml= 20 drops, increments to 1/2 oz= 300 drops

          1 drop = 0.05 m                              1 ounce = 30 ml                            1 ounce = 600 drops

Carrier Oils (Base Oils)

Base oils are used as “carriers” for essential oils, and to dilute essential oils because they may be too strong to apply safely to skin. Possible carrier oils include:

Apricot Kernel oil: This light yellow oil provides a fine texture, is rich in vitamins and minerals, and a popular choice.

Castor oil: A thick, sticky oil with a strong odor. It has good lubricating properties.

Coconut oil: A light colored oil that turns solid in cooler room temperatures. A fractionated version is exceptionally light and will not become rancid making it a versatile carrier oil, though not often used.

Grapeseed oil: This oil has a very fine texture, with a distinct fragrance. It has a greenish hue. The oil provides vitamins and minerals, and is an antioxidant that will extend the life of other oils. Very popular oil that is easy to find locally.

Hazelnut oil: This oil is medium-light, and absorbs very well. It has a nice texture and a light and subtle fragrance that doesn’t contrast greatly with the wonderful fragrances of natural herbs. My favorite choice for annointing and body oils.

Jojoba oil: The properties are similar to liquid wax, much different than vegetable oil. It is an antioxidant and does not turn rancid. Popular oil for massage, it remains heavy on skin surface.

Olive oil: Extra-Extra virgin, cold pressed is the best quality. Olive oil is very rich in vitamins, protein, and mineral content. It has a distinctive, somewhat pervasive odor, but works well.

Sunflower Seed oil: This is a nice lightly textured golden yellow carrier. Good essential fatty acids and vitamins, fair quality, low fragrance and slow absorption.

Sweet Almond oil: A Pale golden oil with glyceride, linoleic and olein acid. This is a very fine skin lubricant, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Another popular medium-light oil, my second favorite for all general use.

Wheat Germ oil: An orange colored oil that is heavy and sticky. Very rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and vitamin E. It is used mixed with other carriers oil for it’s antioxidant properties that prevent degradation and extend shelf life.

Also see: Magical Oil Recipes, harvesting and preserving your herbs, create your own oils.

Keep your oils is a cabinet or darkened shelf area to prevent clouding and maintain freshness.



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