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Spiritual Creativity

“SPIRITUAL CREATIVITY ~ Physical & Mental development”

Do you ever wonder why it is that we humans are so creative?

Why are some of us interested in the physical sciences or discovering the unknown? Technology is actually the act of accepting a vision and then applying knowledge and intuition to make it real. Many of us are more spiritual, sensing and feeling individuals. Not all gifted persons are able to manifest physical things, but that does not make their particular spiritual vision less important. Spiritual visions are as real as the visions that created computer chips. We are all creator’s, though some realize the physical aspects, while others realize spiritual aspects. Both are visionary, either experience is valid.

I believe some people’s fears have negatively influenced the creativity of their children, often by way of ridicule. If you spoke-up as a child about unusual experiences, it is quite likely you were told not to be foolish, or were suppressed by fear and contempt from adults. This is even more of a problem for pubescent teenagers when their hormonal and psychological development seems to skyrocket together. Teens often rage about and mutter how much adults don’t understand or believe them, and that may be a critical truth. We have become a society that denies psychic development. We try to replace it with material things that occupy our senses, especially concerning our youth who we provide so many diversions in electronic games, television, cell phones and entertainment that they cannot properly develop a sense of self. We abolish creativity with pacifiers that prevent natural young instincts to reach beyond anything that isn’t immediate gratification.

Today, social response to youth who are anything but placid is repression with drugs and counseling. Children are often denied the choice to discover anything beyond a narrow path. It is a shame to dampen spiritual selves. Why deny the experiences that are surely as much a part of us as the universe we live in. It may be a different world than our forefathers experienced, but the young minds of today should have more opportunities to grow physically and spiritually. Instead we direct our children to experience alternate realities in comic script games, video and violence. They are becoming desensitized to the natural world. That seems sick and wrong.

I hope people with a natural vision, an instinctive understanding of others and the world around them, will continue to accept what they see and feel. Please use your gifts in a positive way- whenever possible. There are many paths towards growing stronger, and one of them is to understand that we are an integral part of more than what we see. We are all creators, all individual, and there is nothing else on this earth even remotely like us. I believe our life forces are all spiritual, and need to be nurtured with that in mind. Our bodies are physical temples in which we can exist on the worldly plane, but our spirit exists far beyond what our physical senses perceive.

We are not humans living a temporary spiritual existence, we are spiritual beings living a temporary human existence.


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