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Love Spell for Lost or New Love

Date: February 2012, 12th to 15th

      Ritual Divination Method:  Red Wax Dripped in Potion Water
      Day:  Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
      Planetary Hour: Venus (see chart)

Love Drawing & Binding Spell

Before performing the ritual, relax in a warm bath. Add several drops of Anise Oil and a few rose petals. You can light a few candles or simmer some Apple Blossom oil to help you meditate on your intent.


Anise Oil
Spring Water
Small Red Bowl (to build your potion)
Sea salt
Juice of one red Apple (strained from crushed fresh fruit)
White vinegar
Red taper candle
Red Rose petals from 2 roses

Incense: mix together

3 drops Anise Oil
Tbsp Bloodroot or Calamus powdered or finely crushed
Tbsp Cardomom Seed decorticated (remove shell) and finely crushed
self-igniting charcoal disk (place on inch of sand in a safe container)

Write the incantation below and draw the above Sigil on parchment, then fold it twice. Place a round red bowl of pure spring water on top of the parchment and form a ring of Rose Petals around the bowl. Drop a piece of Moonstone anointed with Anise oil into the bowl and recite the following incantation:

May the heart of (name) seek to bind with mine.

Light the red candle and your incense

Draw to me this love I have so desired,
I will hold (name) dear and close for all time.
I ask the spirits for true love to be inspired,
as we are bonded our hearts forever entwine.

Add a pinch of salt, five drops of vinegar and the juice you have strained from a red apple, to the potion. Waft the smoke of your incense over the bowl as you meditate on the person you want to draw to love you.

Ask the Goddess Venus in your own words to support your ritual and bless your request. She will hear your heart’s desire to unite you and your desired love. If she sees your love is sincere, love will come to you.

Carefully tip your candle over the bowl and allow exactly 12 drops to fall into the potion.

If most of the drops congeal together your desire will be quickly fulfilled. When no drops come together you should wait and perform the ritual twelve days hence, after daily meditations to be certain this is what you want.

When successful, stir the potion twelve times in a deosil (clockwise) direction as you repeat the incantation. Rinse your face, hands and arms with the potion. Strain the wax out and drink the remaining amount. Repeat the incantation a final time and place the parchment- along with the loose Rose Petals folded inside- beneath your bed until the spell manifests. When it does, cast the rose petals to the south wind and bury the parchment at the foot of a young healthy tree.


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