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Full Moon August 20th – Blue Moon Ritual

Blue Moon of 2013: Ritual and Myth

Blue Moon of 2013

Blue Moon, August 31st 2012

A Blue Moon occurs when the moon is full twice within any one given calendar month. A Blue Moon is also known as a Goal Moon. Set specific goals for yourself, and also review accomplishments and failures since the last Blue Moon. It is a natural moon and not truly blue in color, though it is magical in it’s full and bright splendor. It is the time and Moon of gain, especially for increase and good fortune.

The full moon of August is also the “Corn Moon”. This is a time of maturity, the Earth is bountiful, so spellwork to increase bounty in your life is appropriate. New investments can be blessed for prosperity, job promotions and new business can be achieved. It is a great time to bless a home or new possessions.

This 2nd moon only occurs about once every 2 years and 9 months, very infrequent on a calendar.

Any moon can be associated with ancient myths like Lunacy, Werewolves, and all manner of night creatures that can bless or curse. The Blue Moon was only given it’s name in the past 50 years, so the magic is in the full of the moon and not the somewhat recent title.

Here is a ritual and blessing that can be beneficial under this Full Moon.

Blue is the candle revealing the Full of the Moon,
I light the flame of cooling summer phase.
I invoke the Eastern spirits to join me for this ritual.
I pay homage to the Blue Moon in full blaze,
the Goddess Moon as she crowns overhead,
where her cool touch grants peaceful nights.

Air disperses your sorrows and troubles,
carries away strife and what overwhelms.
Positive energies flow all around,
chill gusts blowing from a mystical realm.
Sylphs of the East, spirit of the Air,
Energies of the Full Moon, I call upon thee
to fully embrace my workings this night,
as I conduct this ritual in your name
Your participation is a blessing and I am honored in your presence.

The circle is now cast, and the sacred space is complete.
This place is between the worlds, outside of time as we know it.
Only unconditional love and trust may enter this sacred space,
and only that which is pure love and trust will depart.
Powers of the Moon, the Elements, and Elemental Spirits
I hereby consecrate this space to perform my magical workings.

Now is the time for your planned ritual or spell workings.

You can use Tarot to divine the near future, use the Tarot Oil recipe for enchanting your hands and cards.Your Crystals or scrying mirror are enhanced at this time for performing divination.

If you have incense, light it and follow your plans for any consecration, any blessing, or spellwork to bring about positive workings.

It is a good time to plan for the coming winter, harvest and stocking new supplies. If you have money issues, or want to bless someone who is fallen on bad times, now is a good time to prepare a spell of good fortune. Change for the better can be initiated during this time, so you can invoke anything you want to come to fruition, and ask the spirits to bless your request. Money, new found or reunited love, enchanted lovers. All relationships can be blessed and expanded using the full moon in your magick circle.

I thank the elements of the Full Moon
for your participation in this spiritual ritual.
I honor the Sylphs of the East,
the Spirits of Air for their presence,
and for embracing this time honored blessing
that for everything there is a place and need,
a time for every purpose under the moon.

The circle is now closed, and my work is done.

So Mote It Be.


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