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About Sabbats, rituals and celebrations:

The “Wheel of the Year” are recognized seasons of life in Lore and Rituals, with symbolic celebrations.

There are familiar dates and seasonal activities we all experience. We know about the solstice and equinox dates , we all recognize seasonal beginnings each year. Some are so familiar that you may not have known they were originally Pagan.

SAMHAIN, or Halloween, is probably the most well known, and it is commonly associated with the “unknown” and bad spirits. However, it is really a wonderful celebration to recognize the end of abundance, of earthly maturity, and to herald a time of rest and spiritual elevation for the earth herself. It is considered the most Spiritual of times by many who practice magick.

YULE follows as the earth has settled under a blanket of decay in the annual process of renewal.

IMBOLC promises new life, as the earth begins to stir with warmth again and most creatures feel the need to mate.

OSTARA, the Spring Solstice, is the balance of day and night, warmth and emerging sun inspires fecundity for renewal of the Earth with new life.

BELTANE is when the earth is rife with flora rebirth and fauna propagation. We know the Earth is fertile as water flows and seedlings grow, it is a time to celebrate the coming richness of our world.

MIDSUMMER moves us to relax and enjoy ourselves in this time of Earth’s new maturity.

LAMMAS brings the first harvest of the Earth to enjoy in abundance, so we celebrate our good fortune.

MABON is the Autumnal Equinox, the thanksgiving festival for the annual fruits received from the Earth.

These are the eight seasons of life celebrated in magical rituals. Each Sabbat has a history and purpose in the  groundwork of many rituals. There are critical elements related to seasons that guide what magick will accomplish. Astrological influence, the pull and push of the sun and moon, all of these things come together to make magick happen. As a whole this is what ritual magick and Sabbat celebrations are based in.



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