Magick Jewelry

Custom Creations by “MagickWyrd”

Hand crafted, one of a kind art pieces. Choice of color themes and designs available.

See a few of my creative works of hand crafted fine jewelry:

  1. Love My Cat Pandora Bracelet
  2. Twilight Series Vampire Pandora Bracelet
  3. Cat Magick Charmed Pandora Bracelet
  4. Spotted Cat Magick Pandora Bracelet
  5. Cat Paw Amulet Charmed Pandora Bracelet
  6. Kat Magick Bracelet
  7. Jungle Cat Magick Bracelet
  8. Asian Magick Charm Bracelet
  9. Cloisone Charmed Magick Bracelet
  10. Moon & Fairy Goddess Pandora Bracelet 
  11. Silver Pentacle Pandora Bracelet
  12. Love & Romance Drawing Magick Bracelet
  13. Rider-Waite Tarot Charmed Bracelet
  14. Ukiyoe Tarot Charmed Bracelet
  15. Zodiac Charmed Celestial Bracelet
  16. Gypsy Witch Dangle Pendant
  17. Triquetra Symbol Silver Pendant

I combine bracelets into one package to save shipping. Free shipping & insurance on purchases over $150, adjusted after checkout.

All are unique pieces that are worn for magical intent. Of course, I make and also wear these bracelets and pendants just because they are fun and very attractive. Please feel free to email pix of magical items that you like to use to enhance your spiritual energy.

For unique Tarot, Ouija, Third Eye, Cat Magick, or other magical themed jewelry, please feel free to contact me about the designs available or something custom that has special meaning for you.

Design your own Magick Bracelet, Pendant, or Ear Rings. Simply provide an image you want on the charms, any high-quality picture of at least 400×400 pixels, any subject or topic, all colors. Low prices for Custom Fine Jewelry and Pandora Bracelets, $40 – $200 depending on how much silver or Swarovski crystal you prefer. Custom themes or styles.


2 comments on “Magick Jewelry

  1. Hi Magickwyrd,
    I would like to know if you sell your pentacle glass beads separately? I already have a Pandora-style bracelet and I add beads as I go according to events that occur in my life. I love your beads and would like to add 2 of them to my bracelet. Please let me know if you are willing to sell them separately. Within reason, I am willing to purchase a larger amount if necessary. Thanks ~ Isignterp

    • Hello, I am so sorry I missed your message, it went to my spam mail and was buried with the tons of spam mail I receive. The mail sort is apparently a bit off.

      Yes, I have Pentacle beads I could sell. They are Tibetan silver rather than glass (alloy is 85 rather than 92.5 sterling). Some are enamel highlighted in color and sealed with poly resin. Did you see what you were interested in? I also have 1/2″ dangle pentacles I have attached to a silver bail bead that slides onto the Pandora bracelet.

      The plain silver Pandora beads are $2.50 each, if colored they are $3.50. Silver dangle beads with bails are $2.00 each.

      Thank you for your request, again I am sorry for the lengthy delay, I haven’t sorted through my spam in quite awhile.


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