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Golden Ukiyoe Tarot Bracelet

Custom Creation by “MagickWyrd”

Tell me what you want, and I will create it – then post it here for you before you purchase. You can design your own Magick Bracelet, Pendant, or Ear Rings. I need an image of what you want on the charms, a high quality picture of at least 400×400 pixels, any subject or topic, all colors. Reasonable prices for custom jewelry, $40 – $150 depending on how much silver or Swarovski crystal you prefer.

Golden Ukiyoe Charm Bracelet: $40 SOLD

Ukiyoe Major Arcana cards, Hand Blown Glass charms, gentle green glass leaves, and love charmed bead strings. 9″ chain

Theme Choices: Rider Waite Tarot; Visconti Tarots; Cat Tarots with silver cat charms, Third Eye Charms, Hand of Fate Charms, more…

Because I love the Tarot I do create a lot of Tarot themed bracelets. I have custom made them for many people. I actually create the Tarot cards in resin, so each bracelet is a sturdy and unique piece of art. Some of my creations include Thoth Tarot, Alchemical Tarot, Cat Tarot, Tarot of the White Cats and Bohemian Cat Tarots. Obviously cats are popular in Tarot and jewelry. I can re-create any Tarot cards in resin, and they are almost unbreakable, with deep impregnated colors. It is an interesting art craft. I really enjoy making these unique bracelets and pendants.


Contact Magickwyrd...thanks!

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