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Lammas: 2016

Lugnasah or also know as Lammas, a Celtic pagan celebration for the first harvest of the Earth.

As we enjoy in abundance, so we celebrate our good fortune!

This year August is warm and it is a wonderful time to celebrate and give our thanks to the Goddess and the God. The Sun and Moon are the influences that balance the harvest. The moon pulling the essence of leaves, and drawing moisture to the body of root plants, the sun nourishing as its embrace stimulates all growing things to reach out to it. The life force of the growing season has again reached its peak.

For many it seemed a long time coming, then all of a sudden the bounty is evident. We reflect on the efforts of tending the blessed earth and the reward we receive in return. These things are only possible because we are loved and provided for, in this we must respond with thanks and recognition.

It is a good time to consider what we have accomplished so far this year. Were we true to our goals? Did we give a measure of our time to share our good fortune with those who have less? Did we recognize the needs of others and take time to do the right thing, to give without any expectation for something in return? For what we receive we can hardly do the same in kind, but for the love of the earth we are blessed.

For a Lammas Altar:

Golden or Yellow candles
Flowers in bright colors, fresh and full bloom- Nasturtium, Foxglove, Yarrow
Incense of Frankincense and Muir, simmering oils
Brightly colored altar cloth
Wine of rose or pale color, alternatively fresh blended fruit juice

You are offering to share with others and to provide a portion in thanks to the spirits:

Fresh greens, fruits and vegetable, cheese, and baked light cakes

Prepare your Altar, think of this as a great time to recharge your tools.

Light your incense and candles, open your circle and bless it before you begin.

In your own words, speak of thanks for the wonder of the earth and blessings you received.
Give recognition to the Spirits you call on, thanks and blessings in return for their favor.

You can chant the following:

Blessed Father and great Mother, your hand in this world is well known.

With swiftness the earth is bountiful,
as you ensure our well being once more.

We thank you for the thriving beauty,
as you have always blessed us before.

Time will pass swiftly ahead as earth renews,
so we ask you once again to bless all things.

The darkening will come and we will wait,
knowing the cycle of life that your will brings.

May you accept our love and gratitude for what we accept and share.

Now is the time to perform any planned workings to ensure continued successes, good relationships that commit to marriage, pregnancy, and prosperity in new ventures. Ask for blessings if any couple has made a commitment, that they may enjoy a long and loving life together.

When you are done, thank the spirits of N/W/S/E, and any who participated in your celebration. Give a final thanks to the God and Goddess.

Close your circle and touch the earth to release any spiritual power that remains.

Share the bounty of wine and harvest, save a portion to bury in a garden to replenish the earth.

Blessed be, may you enjoy your bounty through the balance of this year of Sabbats as the circle is complete.


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