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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of October 18th 2013 “Blood Moon”

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of October 18th 2013 “Blood Moon”

Friday October 18th is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, and fortunately this coincides with a lovely full Hunters moon, which will also be the “Blood Moon” of October. Looking to do some Moon Magick or Full Moon spells? This is a preferred time for magical work.

The Penumbral Lunar eclipse involves only a slight dimming as it orbits the earth and goes through earth’s shadow. For many viewers it will have a pink to red coloration where the eclipse is more complete. At the bottom of this page is a preview of what those who are in the path of the full eclipse will see, a spectacular “Blood Moon”, red to orange for a brief period.

This will happen early evening October 18th for North America, with the east coast having a better view even though not fully eclipsed. West coast dwellers will view a slight darkening of about a quarter of the moon.

European and eastern South America viewers will be treated to a fantastic view, some spectacular images will be had.

Below is a chart of the Penumbral moon as is passes from rise to setting. Best view is after dark of course, while low in the sky this moon will be spectacular in it’s full phase.

October 2013 Pernumbral Eclipse Chart

The full moon is always a great time for positive spellwork, and as it happens, the Blood Moon in it’s full phase is passing through Aries.

In Aries, the emotional moment is “ME-ME-ME’! If you plan to create some moon magick, you will be highly motivated to obtain something for yourself. It’s a great time to do that as your strengths will be about what you want, and now is the time to make it happen.

Try some magical oil recipes for attraction, to find a new love, to sell your home, or to promote fertility. It’s all about “you” under this moon at this time! Now until 2 days past full is best for your full moon magical workings.

Blessed be~


Image of the Full Eclipsed Penumbral Moon as it will appear for those in the “Full Eclipse” category of the chart

Blood & Hunters Moon 10-18-13

Image of a Full Penumbral Blood Moon for viewers in the Full Eclipse path.


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