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Ostara 2012 Equinox Horoscope – Harbringer of disaster 7.6 quake

On February 2nd when I was doing a horoscope for the 20th of March, for the day of the Equinox celebrations, I spotted a significant conjunction. Click on the image for full size and description:

This chart indicates a possible disaster event 2/20/2012.

On February 28th I sent a copy with an explanation to my sister, then posted it here the next day. I included the link in several of my posts, so it was available for anyone to review the information. It was obvious in the heavens that a disaster of some magnitude was going to occur, although I thought it most likely to occur further North above the U.K., closer to Iceland. It’s hard to know how the earth will respond exactly, but I told my sister we should expect an earthquake of 7+ magnitude, the points of conjunction were simply astonishing.

If you look at the print out, you can see how the alignment is remarkable, the bow & arrow, the aligned square that tied everything together.

Anyway, it happened in Mexico, and was a 7.6 magnitude earthquake. I was not surprised to see it come to fruition within a couple hours of the conjunction. The heavens tell us a lot of things, and this was a clear indicator for a significant disaster this day and near that time.

My prayers to the Goddess for comfort from fear and healing to  those affected by this frightening event.


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