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Exorcism to Clear Negative Spirits

Spirit Orb Photo

Spirit Orb captured in top right of photo - click image for Full size and description

Exorcism to clean an area, or any item with a bad spirit attachment:

To clear away negative spirits:

Use a white candle, anoint it lightly with “Exorcism Oil” -spread oil from center to ends.

Mix “Protection Incense”, use daily for 7 days. Perform the cleansing at noon and midnight over 7 days.

You will burn half the mixture twice during each day, this will “separate” the attachment the spirit has formed.

Exorcism Oil:

1/2 oz. olive oil
15drops pine essential oil
12 drops rue essential oil
10 drops peppermint oil
7 drops pepper oil
Add crushed black pepper corns and an obsidian or black onyx chip.
Mix during a waning moon for best result.

Protection Incense:

Dry, crushed and powdered
Thornbush bark (Blackthorn, Hawthorne, or any bark from a thorn bearing bush)
Garlic powder

Light the candle and burn the mixture in the area with the negative energy, or around an infestation. The spell will be complete at midnight on the 7th day. It will not work if you do not do it TWICE per day for 7 days in a row.

Exorcism/Cleansing for an entire home:
Take a large bowl of salt and sprinkle a pinch or two over the exterior doorways and windowsills of your home. Make certain you get each and every one.

Choose a room with the strongest negative aura, use a white candle. Combine and burn the following incense:

1 tsp dried thistle
1 tsp peppermint
1 tsp powdered garlic
1 tsp ground clove
Tablespoon of white sage

Carefully light the mixture so that it smolders (generates aromatic smoke). Leaving the candle lit, carry the bowl into each room and repeat these words:

In the name of the Eternal Lady and Lord
I bid thee part.
I consecrate and clear this space.
Let nothing but joy linger here.

After completing all rooms return to the first and set the bowl beside the candle. Wait for the remaining mixture to burn out. Take the ash outside and sprinkle it over the grass/flowerbed/etc. to complete the exorcism.

Several Spirit Orbs

Several spirit orbs around garden - click image for full size



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