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Leo Moon – Full Phase February 7th, 2012

Full Moon Invocation – Elemental Spirits

Mercury conjoins the Sun on this day of the Full Moon, and it opposes the Moon so Mercury is a strong and interlaced element of this Full Moon. This combination hightens mental alertness, stirring a flow of creativity.  There is growing energy and anticipation at work here, with Neptune entering Pisces and Venus at the 29th degree of Pisces, preparing to enter Aries

Date: February 7th, 2012: 11th Hour; Mercury

Pre-Ritual Divination Method: Meditate with Crystals

Moon Phase: Quickening Moon or February Esbat

Weekday: Tuesday

Planetary Hour: Full Moon 2:54pm, PST

Action: Mercury conjoins the Sun today

 Sigil to conjure E/A/F/W Elemental Spirits

Draw the above magical Sigil on a piece of parchment with gold ink. Set the parchment outdoors where it can be charged beneath the full moon as it draws above the horizon. You will perform the ritual in the late evening hours before midnight.

On your table or Altar, place three pieces of Rock Crystal anointed with Cinnamon oil and sprinkled with a pinch of loose Basil.

Recite the following incantation:

Spirits wild attend my call.
Harken fast come one and all.
Blessed breath of azure Sylphs,
Gnomes who tend earth true,
Blaze of creation the Salamanders.
Undines who wash waves blue.
Heed the call and come to me,
As I wish, so mote it be

Light some Sandalwood incense and inhale the rising scent as you meditate on your present need. Wave the smoke towards the area of the sky where the moon sits and ask the Moon Goddess, an aspect of the universal spirit of Nature, in your own words- to lend support to your ritual.

Perform your intended magic. Under the Full “Quickening” Moon of February, spells for pregnancy are very successful. You can bless your seeds for the coming planting, increase you personal potency if you are male, and it is a good time for divination for a new lover or romance.

Thank the Elemental spirits when you are done, and dismiss them.

Set out an offering of Bread and Red Wine for any friendly spirits that participate and assist in your working.

Leave your parchment out until midnight and then write the following phrase
beneath the Sigil symbol, in any language:  My will is done


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